Friday, March 30, 2007

A "Cow & Cow Colors" Contest Update

After some deliberation with MindyKuen, we've decided to extend the contest deadline to APRIL 13th. =^.^=

Here are the full contest details:
Theme: Cows and Cow Colors
Medium: Any! (Because we know we're a diverse group)
Start Date: Today!
End Date: April 1st EXTENDED April 13th !
Prizes: A mixed media supply pack like this: (but even better!)
Participation: Place a link to your entry in the comments of this blog post! Thanks!
Placing: There will be 1st, 2nd & 3rd place prizes.
Judges: MindyKuen & myself, ZenithJade

keepitmagickal asked a great question- "How many times can we enter the contest?" For this contest, participants can only enter once. Thanks for asking, keepitmagickal!

*If anyone would like to DONATE supplies for the supply packs, please convo me- the more goodies, the better!*

Current prize donators: MindyKuen, MineFull (MineFull, your prizes have arrived! Thanks!)


Kim said...

Here's the link to my (keepitmagickal) entry...

Kathi - Earth N Elements Pottery said...

Great idea for a contest, I think I have come into this too late to participate in this contest (drying and firing time will put me way past the deadline), but I look forward to participating in the upcoming contests you may have. Thanks!
Earth N Elements Pottery

akphotoncrafts said...

here is a link to my contest entry.
it's a cow stationery

Pink Quartz Minerals said...

Don't know if that will work, it's a link to the entry photo in flickr.

Anonymous said...

Here's mine!

The Myers Family said...

Alright, I have been needles a flame since 8:30 am. Here is my submission.

The Myers Family said...

The Myers Family is also Melissa (myfinn) of Kitchen Sink Handcrafts.

susan marie designs said...

Here's my entry!! It's an eight-strand necklace made of dalmation jasper :)