Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Your Etsyian Host: Edna-
Event: WIST Meet-Up
Dates & Times: June 8th & 9th 8:00am-5pm; June 10th 12:00-4:00pm
Location: Verona, WI
RSVP: Please send electrikolor or ZenithJade a convo to let them know you're coming!

Special Features:
* Mount Horeb's Studio Tour – option to see local art & meet local artists, including electrikolor!
* Hometown Days Verona Town Fair (+rides!)
* We've been given Edna's blessing to completely take over Verona. =*^.^*= MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

* Please bring a folding chair + a beverage or snack (for when we're harassing keeping Edna company).
* We can't craft at Edna's home due to the Art Tour- but we have our choices of crafting in TWO local coffee joints or the library.
* Bring PROMO MATERIALS!!! We want to cover Verona in Etsy Etsy Etsy! (And WIST WIST WIST!). Woohoo!
* There are plenty of places to stay- there's a Super 8 Motel a short walk from Edna's house. Want to share room costs, etc etc etc? We can arrange that, I'm sure!
* The times listed are for when Edna's opening her house to her fellow WIST members. After those hours, we're on our own. Seriously, we won't get into any trouble... we might just bead trees in the parks...
* You can come for a day, or the whole weekend- it's UP TO YOU!
* Need to map a route? Verona's zip is: 53593 .

Extra Information for the Curious:
* City of Verona Website
* Verona Chamber of Commerce Website

I'd love to set up some extra fun WIST stuff for this. If anyone has some ideas, I'd love to hear 'um!

Questions? Please convo Edna, (electrikolor) or myself, (ZenithJade). Thanks!

And more notes!
You can contact Edna or I for the address of the event. It's not posted in the blog so she doesn't get spammed or otherwise harassed. =~.^=


Persimmons Gal said...

Oh man do I wish I could go! I would love to host a meet up sometime!

MineFull said...

This sounds like it will be a blast, unfortuantly that weekend is packed for me. I hope there's a strong WIST turn out. We'll have to plan another.....