Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"Cows and Cow Colors" Contest Update!

So, MindyKuen is back from vacation! *grins* She sent me a wonderful convo the day she got back, (now *that's* dedication to WIST!), and today I finally got back to her. =^.^;= I've been a little slow getting back to convo's- RL is getting in the way of my EL, (ETSY-life!), LOL!

If all goes well, Mindy & I will have the judging finished by FRIDAY. =*^.^*= What a wonderful way to start your weekend, ne? *grins*

To make this process as FAIR as possible, we've got a judging sheet. All entries will be based on the following: originality, presentation & "would you buy it?", with a certain number of points going to each category. Mindy & I will add our totals together to determine the winners. =*^.^*= The person scoring the highest overall will get first place and so forth down the line.

I've been dying to post the contest entries in the blog, so here goes!

akphotoncrafts :
chickadeebeads :
keepitmagickal :
MineFull :
myfinn :
NorthStarJewelry :
oddstuffbyXanthe :
pinkquartzminerals :
susanmariedesigns :



Pink Quartz Minerals said...

There are some GREAT items there, but who would buy the scary damn cow face?? hee hee! I lost points there! I doubt I could give it away!

Andrea said...

Your submission rocks my SOCKS. *grins* They all do!

I'm so biased- cows are cute. LMAO.

Pink Quartz Minerals said...

Thank you Thank you!
I'm so honored!
I made a listing to show how much!