Thursday, April 26, 2007

* Notice *

I'm going on vacation starting this FRIDAY, April 27th, and will be gone until Wednesday, May 16th, (about three weeks). I'm going to do my best to respond to emails & convo's while I'm gone, but expect some *serious* lag time. New members will be added to our roster *when I get back*- but that shouldn't keep new members from joining and participating in the google & flickr groups, & our street team forum posts.

You can find those links in our navigation which is to the *right* of this blog post. *grins*

Speaking of memberships- I can't add you to the roster, (even if you joined the aforementioned groups), if you don't send me a convo asking to join up- I don't have time to chase after ya! =~.^=

I'm hoping we'll have some wonderful new member-written articles in the blog when I get back! *grins* (hint hint!).

~Andrea aka ZenithJade (your admin)

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