Friday, April 6, 2007

Random Update #2

--> Our Street Team page on Etsy has been UPDATED!!! YAY! It has a beau-moo-tiful new banner, plus persimmonsgal's Earth Day event, plus links to our blog & flickr group, and finally, information on our contest! =*^.^*=

Unfortunately for the Etsy Admin, we already need to send in more updates for our Etsy page. =^.^;= LMAO. I will likely give them a (short) break before sending in the next round of info.

--> Our google group is off to a great start! (The link to the group is under the "links" header to your right). I'm still looking for a co-moderator or two for the group! Any volunteers will earn some seriously good karma. *grins*

--> All WIST members are encouraged to contribute to this blog. In order for me to re-set permissions for you to post, I need the email you used to create your blogger account. Please feel free to email me that information so it stays private! (zenithjade AT

--> We have another contest entry in the Cow & Cow Colors Contest! YAY! Please feel free to post your creations in the WIST flickr group so we can all drool! (If you haven't already! =~.^=).

--> Many thanks for those WIST members who've responded so kindly to my lengthly convo! I've caught up with the WIST members listed on our Street Team page, and now I'm off to that forum post. Wish me luck and good juju!

--> Per request from knitsteel, I've started a blog-ring for WIST. Click HERE to JOIN!!! For a tutorial on how this blog-ring will work, please see this great tutorial from ubercherry's "Etsy Sellers Who Blog Blog-Ring."

--> If you take a look at the handy-dandy navigation to your right, you'll see that I've added *quite a lot* of cool stuff. New links, (including a link to my Etsy shop so you can contact me easier, oi!), a public stat counter, and a nifty little map device that's similar to the stat counter but is a map, instead. =^.^*= Who can resist a cute little map?

--> All questions, ideas, grumblings and musings can be emailed to me (Andrea) at zenithjade AT yahoo DOT com. Or you can just send me a convo on Etsy. =^.^=


Kim said...

The banner/info on the Etsy WIST page looks great!

Andrea said...

Thanks Kim! =^.^=