Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Creating an effective Etsy Presence

Or, how I struggle to effectively utilize the web for self promotion.


I'm new to Etsy, new to the street team, but not necessarily new to the web and blogs and all this other stuff. I'm sort of a web veteran, and yet...

I think Etsy is wonderful, and the street team is fantastic, but I wonder, what do all of you do to keep yourselves visible, what do you do to help create a positive presence and drive sales and all of that good stuff?

I know there's probably a million FAQ's out there covering this, but I was thinking with the nice new Street Team FAQ that Zenith Jade created *Thanks!* we could maybe create our own FAQ to help all of us here create a successful presence on Etsy and the web.

So street team, let's have it...


MineFull said...

Hi Spyros,
Great question, I'm sure one that is on all of our minds.
I found that frequent posting is the best way to get visibility, BUT I go through periods when I just don't have new inventory to post. I know some people just re list old items to get them to the top of the list.
Then of course there's the extracurricular activity; street teams, treasury, forums, blogs, flickr.
Local promotion, like telling anyone who will listen about etsy and connecting with other local etsy members.
What about making our street team functions (ie, contests etc) more publicly interactive, like having the entries listed on a blog or treasury and inviting the etsy community to vote (as I've seen the polymer clay street team do.) If nothing else it may create more WIST awareness.
Maybe doing a WIST combined artist table at major craft fairs. (It seems like many of us don't have the time/enough items to fill our own table at a show right now, maybe we could create a craft show co-op.)
That's all I've got after my first cup of coffee.....I'll see if anything else comes to mind.


Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

Good luck, I haven't figured out how to drive in sales yet either.

Anonymous said...

I agree that inviting the whole Etsy community to vote on a creative challenge would drive lots of people to our stores. I participate in the polymer clay voting drives and see that they do get lots of visitors to their blog through it. Other than that, posting to other forums: Etsy forums, Yahoo groups, blogs, Flickr, etc. Don't know if it's affected my sales or not, but it certainly increases exposure. Wish we could put a statcounter in our Etsy shops! :-) That reminds me that another group I'm in does have a statcounter and admin periodically publishes the keywords that bring traffic in to the group site. As a member, it's good to see that efforts are bringing in traffic~boosts morale. Maybe consider doing that here too every once in awhile?

MineFull said...

Your other group that has a keyword stat counter, is it a blog or group like yahoo or google? How did they set that up, I wonder?


Anonymous said...

Jenniffer~I'm not sure what they use, but it's for a blog. I use Statcounter on my website and blog but I've also heard Google Analytics is good. Both are free and fairly easy to figure out. Once you are registered, you just insert a code into your webpage or blog. They then track visits, general geographical area visitor is from, keywords, and return visits. So interesting and can really help you identify target audiences you may not have realized before. Hope this helps!

Andrea said...

The WIST blog actually *has* a stat counter. =*^.^*= Here's the link:

(You can also find it as a TEXT LINK in the navigation in the main section of the blog).

If you *can't* see those stats, let me know!


Andrea said...

(Did I sound snarky? =O.o= Maybe I'm too tired to be playing on the internet! Oi!).

There are about one billion and four things a person can do to advertise & get exposure. *falls over*

Here are some of my favorites:
Pinback buttons- they're pretty affordable, and who doesn't like a button?

Bookmarks- I make my own & give them away, liberally. On the back, I list my name, business name & etsy shop url.

Charms + business cards- fun to make, and a person can make them from just about *anything*. Punch a hole in a business card, and attach it. Then, again, give it away!

I've sent charms attached to business cards for octarine's goodie bags. (I'll see if I can't find a link somewhere). Bookmarks go in every order, pretty much. Same with buttons.

It's only a little extra work, but I think it's been working.

I've also bribed friends & family to hand out business cards out for me. =*^.^*=

MineFull, I LOVE the idea of having a co-op table. I'm seriously wishing we could set up our own Wisconsin WIST craftacular event. That could be so much darn fun!

Maybe for the Violet Contest, we can have a, "Public's Choice Award." =^.^= That could also be a lot of fun. *grins*

Oh, I am going *on and on and on!*
Enough words for one night! =^.^;=

MineFull said...

I got this idea from the etsyMom group. When adding tags to our listings add WIST as one of the tags (did you know you can add multiple words in one line-the line will allow a certain number of characters, ie: black white)
Then when promoting WIST tell people to shop etsy by searching WIST. **Andrea, maybe you could add that blurb to the flyer you made up**

Andrea said...

MineFull- I LOVE that idea! I'll edit the flyer & add that bit in tonight. *grins*


Xanthe said...

I love the idea of adding WIST to my tags. I have been using my name as a tag. I figure it's -odd- enough. :-)

I think promoting each other is a very effective tool. Since Andrea made the fliers, I've added them to orders.

I know frequent posting on etsy forums can help, but I really don't like the forums.

A WIST booth at a show would be great! Maybe something near the holidays.


Andrea said...

Ooooo- during the holidays! Xanthe, that's a GREAT idea! =*^.^*=

(And yay for putting fliers in with your orders! Double YAY!)