Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My first sale of the year

My first sale of the season went very well. I tried to plan ahead for everything, but of course things came up. Before the sale, someone from the Minneapolis Star Tribune contacted me about photographing some of my artwork for an article about the sale. When I got to Minneapolis on Friday, I found the paper. WOW, a color picture of my charm bracelet was on the cover! I was so happy, I bought a few papers, to send to family. Inside the paper was a larger photo with my name etc. A good start!

My mom, who drove up from Iowa to help, and I set up most of my booth the night before and we arrived 1.5 hours early the morning of the show. But even then, everything took longer than I thought. I had barely enough time to snap a few photos just as the doors were opening. There was a line of over 150 people waiting to get in and shop. And shop they did. Early on a woman, with newspaper in hand, came up and bought the pictured bracelet. She told me she came to the show for my bracelet. Very cool! Lots of people recognized my remaining bracelets because of the newspaper photo.

I brought my biz cards, Bobbi's (kittygrrlz), and Jenniffer's (minefull) along with the street team flyer. People kept getting confused which biz card was mine, (no one reads signs). I had to move the other cards and hand them out only to interested people. I left the WIST flyer out though. I ran out of biz cards (approx.160) and I gave away half of Bobbi's cards and about a third of Jenniffer's. Hopefully it sends business their way. I think everyone set up did well. I was busy from the start and it didn't let up until 3pm. Wow what a day! I never had time to shop for myself!

Vanessa from Etsy home base was there and seemed impressed with our WIST flyer, she put some on her table up front. The MN street team didn't do anything like it. Vanessa had a camera and interviewed me for Youtube. I was a complete dork! I hope she is kind in her editing. I tried to plug a few WIST members. That day I was wearing the headband I bought from GracieDesigns and the apron from Minefull. Unfortunately, at the time of the interview I was not wearing the apron. I had the money in it so my mom had it in the booth, but I mentioned it. Sorry Jenniffer!

Lessons learned:
*find out from the State Dept of Revenue what the tax rate is ahead of time. Print out a tax chart if available.
*It will take longer than you think to set up.
*Bring tons of business cards and place them near the back of your space.

What I did right:
*I tried to get the sales tax thing right, but I went in with incorrect info.
*bring a calculator--by the end of the day, I couldn't think straight enough to make change
*I had lots of bags and tissue for wrapping and packing
*I had help
*I stayed two nights so I didn't have to drive home after.
*I had a great apron---Thanx Jenniffer!---

All in all, I met lots of great people and had a very good day!
***I put a few more photos on the group flickr page***


MineFull said...

Xanthe, you have arrived!!

I'm so happy that you had such a great experience at the show. I'm not surprised that they put that bracelet on the front page, it is truely awesome!



northstarjewelry said...

Wow, such a nice display! And how cool about your bracelet! I'm glad you did so well, and so early in the season too!


Kim said...

What a wonderful looking booth. Glad everything went well, and thanks for the tips.

Kitty Grrlz Knits & Spins! said...

Wow! How wonderful! It sounds like it was a great show, and how exciting to have the picture in the paper AND have someone come in just to buy it! That ROCKS! :)

Persimmons Gal said...

So where can I get some of those flyers to put in my store? Anyone else who is interested can send me cards or info to put in my promotion corner!

Anonymous said...

Love your booth! So glad it went so well!!!