Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Random Update #8

--> Don't forget about our first WIST MEET-UP!!!

--> Don't forget about our "Violet & Violet Colors Contest"- deadline is June 24th! Send me your entries via CONVO. Thanks!

--> I finally made a WIST FAQ! It's available for viewing HERE and HERE. =*^.^*= You can also access it by clicking the link titled, "WIST FAQs !!!" under the Links // Resources header in our blog navigation.

--> A bit of information for the curious- our WIST blog *has* a counter. (And has for a while!). You can click here to see some of our stats, and here to see where people have been coming from to look at our blog! The link to view our stats is a text link in the navigation titled, "WIST Blog Stats." (It's sandwiched between the statcounter logo button & the clustermap graphics).

--> Want to help spice up the blog? I need some VOLUNTEER writers to interview WIST members & post said interviews in the WIST blog! If you're interested in helping, please send me a convo!!!

--> All questions, ideas, grumblings and musings can be emailed to me (Andrea) at zenithjade AT yahoo DOT com. Or you can just send me a convo on Etsy, (ZenithJade.Etsy.com). =~.^=

Hope everyone had a wonderful & relaxing Memorial Day Weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Oops~there it is! Thanks for directing us to the Statcounter!