Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Long Overdue Blog Ring FAQ

This gets its' own entry because this FAQ could get a little long. I have referenced ubercherry's blog ring FAQ to make this one possible.

Please realize that while it may take a few minutes for you to join the ring, (or reapply), it takes much more time than that for me to deal with the results of your incorrect application; so PLEASE read this FAQ!

1) Please join using your BLOG url and NOT YOUR ETSY SHOP url to join the blog ring. Your blog url will look something like this:

If you try to join using your Etsy Shop url, you will not be approved for the blog ring. This is for blogs, not shops. =~.^=

2) MySpace & do NOT have a spot to put the blog ring code in their respective blogs. You'll need a different type, like those mentioned above or a wordpress blog to join.

3) Sometimes I have to delete people from the blog ring queue and/or the previously approved members list. There are many reasons why this occurs, so if your account is deleted please do not send me angry emails. Maybe you deleted the ring code from your blog? Maybe you deleted your blog entirely? Maybe you applied using your Etsy shop URL instead of your blog URL? Maybe you didn't enter the code into your blog template?

4) Please ensure that you place the ring code into your blog template right away. I can't approve you until that code is there.

5) Please place your code somewhere that is easy to find so people can continue making the ring rounds with ease. Sidebar placement or in your livejournal profile/user info works best.

For those using LiveJournal, you will need to place the ring code in your PROFILE. You MUST put a link to your profile when entering in your information to join the ring. This will make it *much* easier for everyone to navigate the blog ring. =*^.^*= Here's an example of the url for livejournal profiles:

6) Please understand that I am not a blog tutor. I am willing to help you sort out code issues within my time/skill means, however there are many excellent tutorials online if you take a few minutes to do a search, OR you could ask another fellow blogger for their help. Take a trip through the ring and find another member who is using the same blog template as you. They will be able to offer much more help than I can since they have the template specific knowledge that you may require.

7) RingSurf sends you an email with a link for the blog ring code. Please ensure that you enter that code into your blog template right away. In addition, you can also view the necessary code when you log into your RingSurf account.

8) Having the code in your blog DOES NOT mean that it will immediately be activated. I need to approve you first, so please allow a few days for the code to become functional. If your code is still not working within a week or so, then feel free to send me an email or a convo.

If I have missed something in this FAQ, please let me know ASAP by convo ( or email (zenithjade AT yahoo DOT com).

This is worth repeating again- I have referenced this FAQ from ubercherry's "Etsy Sellers Who Blog" v1. To view her FAQ, please click here.

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