Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Review of Strawberry Festival Fine Arts & Crafts Fair

Ok, Not sure where to start.
To be blunt, I'm not interested in going to Strawberry Festival again.
I applied through the Cedarburg Cultural Center (CCC), I was juried to get in. In the Wisconsin Art & Craft Directory the event is described as "Fine art & craft with a contemporary flair distinguishes this lively event, held outdoors at the Cultural Center during a city-wide festival" (I added the italics) Which to me means us juried artists would be together at the Cultural Center. On the application you could choose to be part of a lottery for Washington Ave booths. I did not state I wanted to be there, but when I arrived, I found out my booth was on Washington Ave not anywhere near the Cultural Center and the rest of the "art". I was almost three blocks away, next to food vendors, Sam's Club tent, junk, and church bazaar type crafts.

There was a lot of foot traffic where I was, but most weren't interested in art, just kettle corn, alcohol, or dippin dots! *grins*

Also I felt the organizers at the CCC weren't very organized . The first morning right after check in, someone from the CCC stopped to say "hi" but that was it. No one ever came by later to check on things. I felt they took my money and forgot about me. I know I am new to shows and fairs, but each one previously I was checked on, and well not just neglected. All I received from them was a name tag and that was it. I had no sign for my booth stating I was part of the juried CCC Fine Art fair, no list and map of other the artists, events going on, or numbers to call for assistance.

Also, I ended up being alone that weekend. I asked if someone could come by in the afternoon and booth sit. I was told they were too short on help. Not enough volunteers! So I drank almost nothing the whole day and became very dehydrated. Luckily a kind crafter nearby came over on Sunday to give me a potty break. Thanx Sarah!

I think the CCC signed up too many artists for them to handle. Myself and a few others were overflow.

Lots of things went wrong that weekend that had nothing to do with the CCC, so I came home tired and frustrated. On a good note, I met some very nice people and I did sell fair amount of my artwork. Though I didn't sell enough to be worth going through it all over again!

So my advice is.... beware!
You could do very well at Strawberry Fest if your booth is in the right place and you don't need anything from the organizers.
I give this event Two Stars (**) out of Five only because I did make some money. :-)

Hope this information helps


knitsteel said...

That's good to know. Thank you.

Persimmons Gal said...

That really sucks. I had a friend who was there and forgot to ask how it went for her. At least you made some money?!? I love my painting by the way!

Xanthe said...


Kitty Grrlz Knits & Spins! said...

wow, i totally understand all of those frustrations! i know for the fall one i applied for, there were *3* different listings in the Art & Craft Fair Directory. I choose the one that claimed to be "indoors" and yet the application I received said nothing about that and I definitely get the impression that if I *do* get in I would be outside.

oh well, at least now maybe i won't feel so bad if i don't get in . . .

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. Hope you made lots of contacts who will come back to your Etsy shop! :-)