Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Our First Contest Entry!!! =*^.^*=

Here's a random factoid about me that you guys probably don't know...

I am a YARN ADDICT. And I horde it horribly. I LOOOOOVE yarn. You can use yarn for so many different & neat projects, that it's a must-have staple for my craft closet. *grins* Aside from the obvious knitting & crocheting, you can use it in fiber arts & jewelry designs... you can use it to decorate cards, (especially that fun frilly yarn). You can tat with it. You can glue it around pencils. It's just great stuff!

And now that I've extolled on the virtues of yarn, LOL, here's our first "Violet & Violet Colors" Contest Entry submitted by kittygrrlz:

Isn't this yarn just the bomb? =*^.^*= You can view her entry in her etsy shop &/or on her flickr. Woo!

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