Friday, June 22, 2007

Our Second Contest Entry!!! =*^.^*=

Another bit of information about me that you don't need to know: I also love ribbon. You can do similar things with ribbon that you can do with yarn. (You can even crochet with it!). Ribbon seems to be demoted to present decorations a good chunk of the time- but this WISTer is going to help change that! =*^.^*= I present cuteandsweet's Purplely Loopy Bow:

Look at those beautiful violet colors! The green reminds me of the leaves of our state flower, (of course!). What little girl, (or adventurous woman!), wouldn't just LOVE to have this perfect bow in her hair? *grins*

You can see cuteandsweet's contest entry in her Etsy shop by clicking here. Woo!

PS--> You can view the details about this contest by clicking here. =^.^= Deadline is THIS SUNDAY!!!

PSS--> cuteandsweet got a treasury! And guess what? It's filled with beautiful bows!


MineFull said...

yay!! I'm so glad to see some more entries pouring in! My daughter would love your bows! very cute :)


Kitty Grrlz Knits & Spins! said...

very pretty! I just love these colors!