Thursday, June 14, 2007

Random Update #9

Older News
--> Don't forget about our "Violet & Violet Colors Contest"- deadline is June 24th! Send me your entries via CONVO. Thanks!

We haven't gotten ANY entries for the contest yet. I would LOVE to see what everyone comes up for this one! (If necessary, I will extend the deadline, or invite ALL ETSY SELLERS to participate in this contest. Input?).

--> Want to help spice up the blog? I need some VOLUNTEER writers to interview WIST members & post said interviews in the WIST blog! If you're interested in helping, please send me a convo!!!

MineFull has taken the heat for bravely posting the FIRST WIST interview. =^.^= I would LOVE to see some more!

--> All WIST members are encouraged to contribute to this blog. In order for me to send an invitation for you to post, I need your email address. Please feel free to email or convo me that information so it stays private! (zenithjade AT

New News
--> Take a look at our Postcard Challenge to create WIST promos here. =^.^=

--> MineFull came up with a wonderful idea- we should put "WIST" in our listing tags. I've also created an image to put up with our listings, if you're so inclined. You can view & download it here. You can see an example of it in action here.

--> You can view all WIST graphics & downloadables (like flyers & the postcard template) here.

--> I've been slowly compiling information on making & printing our very own WIST Art Book. Unlike a traveling book, we would each create a two page spread in black & white, and you'd mail your submissions to me. I would make copies & get them bound. Each book would cost roughly $9, (and that includes shipping). We'd each get a wonderful spiral bound book containing Etsy shop URL's, artwork/photographs/bios of WIST members. Please keep your eyes peeled for a blog post dedicated solely to this. It should be a wonderful summer project! In addition, any profits garnered from the book would go towards WIST promos, printing, shipping & contest prizes. =*^.^*=

You can view my kick in the butt to get this going here. =~.^=

--> Many other very swanky ideas are in the works. *grins* They include, (but aren't limited to), a WIST cafe press store (WIST t-shirts!!!); a traveling art book for fun; more contests; WIST press packs for a modest fee; a WIST Craftacular; a DYI WI 'zine; &c&c&c.

Please don't hesitate to share your ideas & what you'd like out of WIST. That's part of the fun of being in a Street Team! =^.^=

--> All questions, ideas, grumblings, *events* and musings can be emailed to me (Andrea) at zenithjade AT yahoo DOT com. Or you can just send me a convo on Etsy, ( =~.^=

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