Thursday, July 5, 2007

Random Update #11

Older News
--> Don't forget to put "WIST" in your shop tags. That's how we're going to be promoting WIST members on promo stuff!

New News
--> MineFull & MindyKuen have organized a swap- it's titled, "Christmas In July." =*^.^*= If you haven't signed up yet, please visit this blog post for details. Remember that the deadline for signup is July 10th!

--> Our CafePress WIST store is officially OPEN! Nuemj has volunteered to make some super-swanky graphics for merchandise, so watch for her designs! =^.^= In the meantime, MineFull & MindyKuen have graciously allowed me to use their pictures & graphics for CafePress stuff. Here's a small sampling:

Image & Jewelry by MindyKuen on a journal!

Cool Cow Drawing by MineFull on buttons!
(MineFull has also volunteered to make some more super-swanky illustrations for our store. ROCK!).

All profits go towards paying for cool WIST stuff- promotional items, shipping & buying prizes, and hopefully renting spaces for WIST events! =*^.^*=

I also went ahead and linked our CafePress banner to a "WIST" tag search. =^.^=

--> At the end of our random updates, I'm now going to be including a WIST budget report. If you'd rather donate vs. buying merchandise, you can PayPal funds to zenithjade AT yahoo DOT com. All donations made will be included in the budget report, sans personal info. (And you get great big squishy e-hugs from me if you help WIST out!).

--> Speaking of donating, I'd like to put in an order from for WIST promotional stuffs. (Postcards, tags, yaddayadda). I've never had a problem with ordering from them, (and I've ordered from them for five+ years), and their products are excellent.

Before putting in that order, I'll need at least $25 worth of donations from WISTers to cover costs. So I'm going to ask very nicely that if you'd like some very cool promo items, please PayPal me your donation + $1.65 (for shipping promo items to you). Anyone who *donates* will get WIST promo items free of charge. (Well, almost, since you donated. Oi!).

--> I'll be offering WIST promo packs for a small fee for those who don't donate. I still need to hammer out the exact costs & I'll keep you guys updated when I do. =^.^;=

--> On the subject of promo packs... I'll be offering something similar in my Etsy shop for those who would like a "Taste of Wisconsin-Etsy." Again, all profits made will go straight into the WIST budget. =^.^=

--> I need your input: Would WISTers mind having a COUPON on postcards for promo packs? Or would you rather have that be shop specific?

Edit 7/7/07: You can view the discussion about the coupons in the following places...
The Etsy Forums
Our Google Group
Flickr Discussion

--> I've rearranged the blog a little bit & added a few more things. The cow above our navigation is now linked to a "WIST" tag search on Etsy. (And I put up a notice in our header letting visitors know they can easily shop WI Artists!). In addition, I've moved the WIST-Etsy blog-ring code down, added a WIST e-mail list, and a nifty piece of code from flickr that shows off the pictures uploaded to our WIST flickr group! *grins*

Edit 7/7/07: If you're having problems signing up for the newsletter, please convo me your email address & I'll add you manually. You will *still* get a confirmation email from making sure that you want to join. Please note that this email could accidentally be put in your junk mail folder, so please watch for it! =^.^;=

--> With MineFull's help, she & I have convo'd every single member with important updates. I want all WISTers to actually feel like they're on a *team* that's working on making their experience on Etsy better. (Sales are a total bonus. =~.^=). I appreciate all the thanks, and want to let you all know that this wouldn't be a team without *you*!

--> Don't forget that we've got a Promo Thread running today. Click here to join in!

--> Please send all event information to kittygrrlz so it can be posted in the blog & our google calendar! =*^.^*= I think it's AWESOME that us Wisconsin Etsyians are visiting each other at events! (And if you don't send her that info, how are Etsyians supposed to visit ya?).

--> oddstuffbyXanthe & I had the same idea: We need to send EtsyLabs in Brooklyn a huge package of kickbutt WIST stuff! We'll take over! BWAHAHAHA! That falls in with all the promo stuff, so once we iron out all those details...

WIST Budget as of 7/5/07
CafePress Sales : $3.01 (with a waiting period of 60 days until payout).
$ Donations : $0.00

--> All questions, ideas, grumblings, and musings can be emailed to me (Andrea) at zenithjade AT yahoo DOT com. Or you can just send me a convo on Etsy, ( =~.^=


Anonymous said...

You're doing a fab job~zenithjade, and other WIST leaders! I'll send a donation~

Andrea said...

<3 !!! WISTers, you rock my socks. Speaking of socks...

it's time for more "Funky Socks." I'll load up a pic to flick tonight! =^.^=