Friday, July 13, 2007

Random Update #12

Birthday Shout Outs
July 7th- allkindsofcreative
July 12th- carisdesigns
July 13th- spaceoddities

Buy something from these lovely WISTers so they can get a super-large birthday margarita (or three)! =*^.^*=
Happy Birthday!

Older News
--> Don't forget to put "WIST" in your shop's tags! That's how we're promoting our wonderful Street Team on all promotional items!

--> The deadline for our WIST coupon book, (The Moo Book), is fast approaching! This "coupon" can be anything from a discount on an item in your Etsy shop, to free shipping, to a free item, (and everything in between!). To view more details, please click here. Deadline is July 15th!

--> Please convo all event information to kittygrrlz so it can be posted in the blog & our google calendar! =*^.^*= I think it's AWESOME that us Wisconsin Etsyians are visiting each other at events! (And if you don't send her that info, how are Etsyians supposed to visit ya?).

--> My contact information is at the bottom of every "Random Update." I'm your "Team Leader," in case you hadn't guessed. =~.^=

New News
--> If you have a livejournal account, you can now subscribe to our blog's RSS feed through LJ. =*^.^*= All blog entries end up in our feed. Woo!

--> You'll notice that we now have "Birthday Shout Outs" at the top of our Random Updates. *huge grins* Send them a birthday convo! =^.^=

If you haven't put your birthday in your public profile on Etsy, I don't have it. Want a birthday shout of your own? Just send me the day & month of your birth. (Don't worry- I won't ask for a year! =~.^=).

--> There are still openings (and a few new ones!) in the WIST help wanteds. Didn't see something you could do before? Maybe there's something there now! *grins* Check them out by clicking here.

--> glitterstar totally rocks WIST's socks! She's kindly shared an invitation for any Etsy sellers from the Eau Claire / Chippewa Falls / Menomonie areas to participate in being interviewed! (By a newspaper, I'm thinking?). You can read glitterstar's invite here and visit the interviewer's Etsy profile here. Thanks a ton glitterstar!

I'm too far away to be interviewed, but I've offered to send Kara, (the interviewer, =~.^=), a whole bunch of WIST promos, which has been accepted. *grins* Woo!

--> A reminder for all WISTers participating in the "Christmas in July" swap- "Please take a photo of your gift and post it to the WIST flickr group ( so we can all oogle over it's goodness! If you don't have/or don't wish to set up a flickr account, no problem! Just email a photo to Jenniffer (MineFull) (minefullmail AT yahoo DOT com)." - MindyKuen

Thanks for organizing the swap ladies! I've been having a blast making the goodies for my secret swapper pal! =*^.^*=

--> Don't forget that we have the COOLEST WIST buttons in our cafepress store! All profits go towards helping WIST out! <3!> VistaPrint order update: Our WIST order has been shipped! YAY! I'm not exactly sure when it will arrive, but I know it will be before July 24th. LOL! It's not too late to donate. *grins* (Otherwise, the WIST promo packs will be a small fee). Remember- your donation + $1.65 to ship! =^.^;= Send all donations to: zenithjade AT yahoo DOT com . (PayPal).

--> I would like to extend some *very special thanks* to everyone who donated last week. Because of your help, we were *able* to put in that VistaPrint order. <3!> It's now officially time for members to start sending me their shop business cards & promotional items for the "Taste of Wisconsin-Etsy" promo packs. These will be put up for sale in my (?) Etsy shop to help WIST out. In addition, WIST members can purchase these packs for $1 + shipping to hand out at shows. Let's show everyone just how much WIST rocks! You can purchase these in advance, and I can ship them along with your WIST-specific promos to save on shipping. Please email or convo me for my address.

To see how this works, please hop on over to octarine's Etsy shop. She's the one who gave me this idea! (And I've donated items for her promo packs, too). *grins*

--> For great discussion, you can visit our Thursday promo thread run by Knitsteel. Lots of great ideas brew in our promo threads, (along with some links to spiffy new merchandise made by WISTers)!

--> It's also looking like WIST is going to take over Art vs. Craft in Milwaukee in November. If you'd like to join in on that discussion, (and possibly come along to sell & join in the fun!), please visit & join in on this google group discussion. YAY!

--> If you'd prefer to have our ever-so-important-and-exciting WIST updates delivered straight to your email inbox, please convo me your e-mail address. *grins* It's easy. It's simple. No more wondering when those pesky updates will be up in the blog. They're averaging about once a week, (more or less, with an emphasis on the less).

--> I feel like I'm forgetting something. That might be plural. If I'm forgetting something, send me a convo so I can update this ASAP. Thanks! *grins*

--> Thanks for being so patient with me this week WISTers! I have been down & out with a very nasty bout of the flu, (ick!), and it kicked my bootie! On that vein, I have been abysmally slow mailing out the prizes for our "Violet & Violet Colors" contest. I'm going to be including some extra special goodies because you've been so sweet & patient!

WIST Budget as of 7/13/07

CafePress Sales : $3.01 (with a waiting period of >60 days until payout).
$ Donations : $67.54 (minus PayPal fees. Without fees: $71.70). (I'm also adding the PayPal cash rebate of $.40 to our totals).

VistaPrint Order Total : $40.27
EZ Print & Copy (West Salem) : ~$5.65

Pending Outgoing!
for Stickers : ~$13.00

Difference in WIST expenses are currently being paid by yours truly. =^.^;=

--> All questions, ideas, grumblings, and musings can be emailed to me (Andrea) at zenithjade AT yahoo DOT com. Or you can just send me a convo on Etsy, (


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Christmas in July, some merchants take the phrase just a wee bit too literally.

Andrea said...

LMAO! That's funny- my Mom got one of those in the mail. =^.^=