Sunday, July 22, 2007

Random Update #13

Older News
--> Don't forget to put "WIST" in your shop's tags! That's how we're promoting our wonderful Street Team on all promotional items!

--> If you have a livejournal account, you can now subscribe to our blog's RSS feed through LJ. =*^.^*= All blog entries end up in our feed. Woo!

--> There are still openings (and a few new ones!) in the WIST help wanteds. Didn't see something you could do before? Maybe there's something there now! *grins* Check them out by clicking here.

--> A reminder for all WISTers participating in the "Christmas in July" swap- "Please take a photo of your gift and post it to the WIST flickr group ( so we can all oogle over it's goodness! If you don't have/or don't wish to set up a flickr account, no problem! Just email a photo to Jenniffer (MineFull) (minefullmail AT yahoo DOT com)." - MindyKuen

There are some seriously awesome pictures of swap goodies up in the (pictures) pool- I know that I'd love to see some more! *grins* You can also see them by clicking here. =~.^=

New News
--> I wrote up a pretty comprehensive "Welcome to the Wisconsin Street Team" blog post, so new members can find everything in one convenient spot. =^.^= Instead of bowling new members over with an insanely long conversation, they can now read through & click links at their leisure. *grins*

There's also our happy "Click Me!" cow + html code available for copying- you can put this code on your blog &/or your website. Several WISTers have asked for it, so there ya go! =~.^=

--> euphoriamoondesigns came up with this *awesome* idea- WIST members should contribute recipes to make our own cookbook!*grins* You can read all about the details by clicking here. Woo!

--> In case you missed this blog post, our VistaPrint WIST promos have arrived! You can see all sorts of cool pictures on my flickr, (and the WIST flickr pool, too)!

--> Would anyone be interested in purchasing a (personalized) WIST t-shirt? It would have a very swanky WIST graphic, plus we could customize it so it would have *your* Etsy shop on it too. =*^.^*= Knitsteel and I discussed this when we met this past Wednesday, and I think it sounds like fun! Before I go overboard and design a shirt, I'd love to know if there would actually be any interest in owning a "Moo Crew" tee. =~.^= Let me know what you think! (Unless we have some screenprinters hiding in our midsts, we'd most likely get them from our CafePress store).

--> We had our very first WIST chat, (thanks to the Etsy chat rooms), last Thursday night. I couldn't stick around as long as I'd have liked due to being ill, but I hope everyone had fun & will be looking forward to doing it again soon! It will most likely be every promo-thread Thursday, but I've still got to hammer out the details with euphoriamoondesigns.

--> There will undoubtedly be more updates & news as I catch up on my email & convo backlog. Thanks for being so patient while I was under the weather! =*^.^*= I'm feeling much better now, although still pretty tired. Thanks for all the get-well wishes! *grins*

WIST Budget as of 7/22/07

CafePress Sales : $3.01 (with a waiting period of >60 days until payout).
$ Donations : $67.54 (minus PayPal fees. Without fees: $71.70). (I'm also adding the PayPal cash rebate of $.40 to our totals).

Incoming Total: $70.55

VistaPrint Order Total : $40.27
EZ Print & Copy (West Salem) : ~$5.65
Stickers from : $13.00 (includes shipping)

Outgoing Total: $58.92

Pending Outgoing!
None pending.

WIST Balance: $11.63

--> All questions, ideas, grumblings, and musings can be emailed to me (Andrea) at zenithjade AT yahoo DOT com. Or you can just send me a convo on Etsy, (

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