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Random Update #14

Birthday Shout Outs
July 28th - persimmonsgal
July 28th- Saralibbey
July 28th- thebeanshop
July 30th- fieryliondesigns

Buy something from these lovely WISTers so they can get a super-large birthday margarita (or three)! =*^.^*= Happy Birthday conversations are also awesome!
Happy Birthday!

Older News
--> Don't forget to put "WIST" in your shop's tags! That's how we're promoting our wonderful Street Team on all promotional items!

--> I wrote up a pretty comprehensive "Welcome to the Wisconsin Street Team" blog post, so new members can find everything in one convenient spot. =^.^= Instead of bowling new members over with an insanely long conversation, they can now read through & click links at their leisure. *grins* I would love some input!

There's also our happy "Click Me!" cow + html code available for copying- you can put this code on your blog &/or your website. Several WISTers have asked for it, so there ya go! =~.^=

--> euphoriamoondesigns came up with this *awesome* idea- WIST members should contribute recipes to make our own cookbook!*grins* You can read all about the details by clicking here. Woo!

New News
--> I have received a TON of awesome promotional items over the past week+++. =*^.^*= MineFull sent me some seriously awesome postcards, business cards, some extra Etsy promos she picked up at Art vs. Craft, stickers!!! (I love stickers), and a WHOLE bunch more. (Stuffed envelope, OMG). kittygrrlz sent a truckload of business card/keychain/fob/yarn thingies that are so neat I might need to steal one. cuteandsweet sent a bunch of cool business cards. thebeanshop sent customized WIST charms- they actually have an image of Wisconsin & the word "WIST" on them!!! Bwahahaha! nanjodogz rocked my socks with the cutest swiss cheese triangle charms EVAH. I didn't even count how many business card & earring packs that carisdesigns sent my way- and we know earrings are just the bomb. I actually got to *meet* with Knitsteel to get her promos! And, of course, they are insanely cool as well- beautiful oak leaf charms, blacksmith style, attached to "Moo Cards" (buy 'um at which is insanely appropriate. =^.^= Have I mentioned that WISTers ROCK?!

There are more goodies coming my way. But I'll leave those as a surprise until they get here. *grins*

I know several of you have been wondering what we're *doing* with all these promos. Here's the scoop...

WIST-specific or themed items will be going into WIST promo packs. We'll be *giving* these away at fairs, sending them to reporters or newspapers, and if anyone does the research, we'll send them to your local mayor too. =~.^= When I get some "free" time, I'm going offer mini-packs for sale to WISTers who haven't donated yet. (You can donate at any time).

Shop specific merchandise will be going into "Udderly Cheesy" Gift Packs for sale in my Etsy shop. All moooooo-la raised from *those* will be put back into the WIST fund. They will be promoted as Handmade Goodie Packs from Wisconsin Artists. They will be sold for about a dollar, (plus shipping). I'll also throw some swanky WIST merch in these as well, but I'd like the focus (and the bulk of this promo effort) to go to WISTers who have taken the time to send in their own promos. (Whether they are business cards, earrings, charms, keychain fobs or whatever). WISTers (even those who have donated) can purchase these packs for a dollar a piece + shipping. They would make super cute stocking stuffers. =*^.^*= (If you made handmade WIST promos, they'll be going in these packets!!!).

When I get my butt in gear getting all these promos organized, I'm going to take pictures of all this awesome loot! (I need a treasure chest! ARRRRRRRR!). =^.^;=

Oh yea, did I mention you can donate $$$ or items at any time? I'll also let you know when I'm running low on your shop's promos. *grins* Contact me by convo or email. (Contact info at the bottom of this post!). PayPal $$$ to: zenithjade AT yahoo DOT com. =~.^=

--> I've finished the first round of "Moo Books"! YAY! Click here to see a swanky picture. *grins* They are CHOCK FULL of great deals & coupons. Thanks to everyone who participated! (These will *also* be put in the Goodie Bags). (I'll let everyone know when we start on Round Two of the Coupon Books).

--> carisdesigns also had a rockin' idea. Make a WIST promotional poster using the Etsy Poster creator, load it into flickr (with or without editing it into one sheet), and I'll put them on WIST promo items & flyers. =*^.^*= You can click here for more details!

--> Last week I posted up our very first "WIST Opinion Poll." You can click here or here to view it. Everyone who has contributed their opinions have given their thumbs-up to the gift basket idea. I'll quote the "WIST Help-Wanted" entry to give you some details:
"This is how it will work out: WISTers will donate an item for the basket. Anyone who shops at participating WIST shops will get put into a raffle. (One entry per one item purchased). In October or November, we'll pull a name, (or names), "out of a hat." We'll send the winner(s) the gift baskets. =^.^= It will be a fun, easy way to get some pre-Christmas sales, methinks. *grins*"

ElementsbyDawn has already volunteered to help with this project. Would anyone like to work with her? =*^.^*=

Please feel free to hand over your two cents in the opinion poll too! I'd love to know what you think!

--> I also need some WISTers to make a bunch of business card-sized envelopes for all our WIST biz cards in promo bags! They'll need to be able to hold at least 10 business cards.

--> New funky sock pictures are up in my flickr. If you'd like to see how it all started, please click here. =~.^=

--> This Tuesday, (unless something very strange happens), I'll be attending a Wisconsin Arts Meeting & PotLuck with Knitsteel. I'm hoping to totally pimp out WIST. *grins* That means that I'm going to be busy like woa on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, so I might be a little slow responding to convos & emails.

And on Friday, August 3rd, some WISTers & I will be getting together to stuff those WIST promo bags like fiends. (Alright, I might be *really* slow responding to emails & convos this week). I'll post an event in this blog as soon as I pick a place. =~.^= (I'm thinking somewhere in Riverside Park!) Anyone & everyone who can make it is welcome to join. Kids are more than welcome to come, too. *grins* (Will someone bring some coloring books & crayons?).

WIST Budget as of 7/30/07

CafePress Sales : $3.01 (with a waiting period of >60 days until payout).
$ Donations : $67.54 (minus PayPal fees. Without fees: $71.70). (I'm also adding the PayPal cash rebate of $.40 to our totals).

Incoming Total: $70.55

VistaPrint Order Total : $40.27
EZ Print & Copy (West Salem) : ~$5.65
Stickers from : $13.00 (includes shipping)

Outgoing Total: $58.92

Pending Outgoing!
None pending.

WIST Balance: $11.63

--> All questions, ideas, grumblings, and musings can be emailed to me (Andrea) at zenithjade AT yahoo DOT com. Or you can just send me a convo on Etsy, (

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