Thursday, July 19, 2007

Welcome to the Wisconsin Street Team!

There's a LOT going on in the Wisconsin Street Team and instead of bowling you over with a REALLY LONG convo, I've decided to put all this info in a blog post so you can go through it when you have the inclination. =~.^=

The Wisconsin Street Team is usually turned into an acronym of "WIST". We're also known as "The Moo Crew." *grins*

Here starts the fun stuff:
--> Please put "WIST" in your shop item tags. That's how we're promoting ourselves on all WIST promotional materials!

--> This isn't mandatory, but I'd like your address. This will make doing swaps soooo much easier. (I can forward the needed addresses to one of our swaps coordinators when we have a swap!). If you're not comfortable convo-ing me your address, you can email it to me at: zenithjade AT yahoo DOT com.

--> I post a WIST update about once per week in our blog. They're all titled "Random Updates #". If you don't think you'll have time to check the blog for these updates, I've set up a mailing list solely for that purpose. Yup, that also means I'll need your email address. *grins* These updates cover everything that WIST members have been up to, and important happenings. You will *NOT* be spammed by joining this mailing list. You can convo or email me your email address if you'd like to be put on the mailing list!

To catch up on WIST happenings since the Street Team really started getting active, you can click here, and read through our past & current Random Updates. =*^.^*=

--> We have an active google group going, and you're more than welcome to join! It also helps us keep in touch, because forum posts on Etsy get buried so quickly. Click here to visit our google group home page.

--> WIST members share photos with each other in our flickr group! It's tons of fun, and awesome to see what everyone is doing/making/etc. =^.^= We also have discussions over there, as well. *grins* (I'm getting the feeling that us WISTers talk a lot! LOL!). Click here to visit! Again, you're more than welcome to join in on the fun. =*^.^*=

--> If you have a blog, we have a WIST blog ring. I wrote up a very thorough FAQ on how to join it here. The "join" link is in our blog navigation, underneath our Labels // Tags.

--> We also have a cute button that links to a "WIST" tag search on Etsy. You can put this in your blog, on your website... wherever! Here's the code:

Copy and paste that code into an html friendly zone. =^.^=

This is what it looks like:

Click me!

--> WIST is run by donations. When we bought promotional materials, it was fellow members who donated to make that happen. If you'd like to help WIST out by donating funds, please send $ via PayPal to: zenithjade AT yahoo DOT com. (To keep everything above board, at the bottom of *every* Random Update, there's now a WIST budget report). You can also purchase very swanky WIST & member made merchandise from our CafePress store. Every little bit helps!

--> Want to help out in a different way? Click here and jump on over to the "WIST Help Wanteds". There is a VERY long list of things that I need help with! =*^.^*=

--> If you like to write, you're more than welcome to post in our WIST blog. (Part of which you're reading right now!). In order for me to send you an invitation to post in this blog, I will need your email address!

--> Here is a link to the main page of our blog. If you get lost reading all sorts of things in the blog, you can always go back "home" by copying & pasting (or clicking) this link:

--> All the links that are in this FAQ are in the blog navigation. The blog is our hub to stay connected as a team, no matter where on the internet members decide to roost. =~.^=

--> There is an additional FAQ for existing or possible members. It covers different questions, (like how to actually *join* google groups, flickr, etc). If you have a question that isn't covered here, please take a quick glance at it by clicking here.

Yup, WIST is really rockin', rollin' and mooin'. *grins*

You can always contact me by convo, ( or through email: zenithjade AT yahoo DOT com, with any questions, ideas, suggestions, musings or grumblings.

Your Wisconsin Street Team Leader,

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