Saturday, July 7, 2007

WIST Coupon Book / Goodies Book / Somethings Book

First off, our little book of WIST goodness will need a title. (Ideas, suggestions?) Also, if someone would like to design the cover & back, that would be super swanky. Let me know!

The feedback was so awesome about coupons & discounts that we've managed to hammer out exactly how we're going offer something like a coupon or a discount... (thanks everyone!).

We're making a coupon book. ! =*^.^*=

Here are the details:

Deadline: July 15th, 2007
Design & Dimensions: 1170 x 1170 pixels (300 dpi) // square!
Ideas: If you need ideas on what to put on your "coupon," please visit this flickr discussion! (It can be just about anything!!!). There's also some additional kickbutt info there!
Requirements: You *must* place your Etsy Shop URL on your coupon! ( And *please* make sure your coupon is square so I can easily resize it!

Help?: I will resize all the coupons- so if yours isn't the right size / resolution, don't sweat it! If you need more help, please let me know! I can & will design coupons for any WISTers needing assistance. I'll need to know what you'd like me to put *on* the coupon, (what you're offering, what image to use, and an expiration date if you've decided to have one). You can convo me or email me all that info: // zenithjade AT yahoo DOT com .

This is opt-in & not mandatory! If you'd rather just donate something nifty for our WIST goodie bags, that's ok, too. Just remember that if you "opt-in" for the coupon book, the deadline is July 15th! I'm going to be getting these printed up very, very soon. *grins*

More Good Stuff: I designed some templates for coupons- they can be used as a starting point, or use them "as is" (with your text on them). Anyone is welcome to use them for our book! Here are the links to the current templates:

A blank white square for your own graphic design
Hibiscus Background
Retro Flowers
Basic #1 (w/ blog url)
Basic #2 (w/blog url)
"WIST Loves You"

Each of the titles above is linked directly to an image. Right click and "save". =^.^= You can edit these templates, (or print them out & draw on 'um), straight from your computer. You can also just draw in a square, scan & email it to me!

Getting that image to me: By email or convo! // zenithjade AT yahoo DOT com by July 15th! =~.^=

Lottsa love,


knitsteel said...

How about The Moo Book, using Glitterstar's postcard design with the state of Wisconsin on it?

Andrea said...

Oooooo! I love that idea!