Tuesday, July 31, 2007

WIST Promo Bag Stuffin' Fun

Your Host : ZenithJade

What We're Doing : We're stuffing promo bags, hanging out, and eating some yummy food. =*^.^*=

Date & Time : Friday, August 3rd @ 10am

Location : Veteran's Memorial Park, West Salem, WI. It's right on/off Hwy 16 between West Salem & LaCrosse. It has an archway entrance.

Notes : I'll be meeting everyone near the entrance of the park to lead you back to the playground area. Look for a brightly colored bandanna. (I'll be driving a white car. I figure that looking for the bandanna is a better eyecatcher. =~.^=). If you'd like more specific directions or have questions, please convo me!

Please feel free to bring a snack or drink to pass around. Kids are welcome to come along!


MineFull said...

Sounds fun, wish I could make it. Have a great time everyone!!

Xanthe said...

I'm bringing Greek couscous salad!

:) said...

I'll be there. Tired, but I'll be there.. haha

:) said...

that was glitterstar^^ I really should change my name if I want to leave comments..

knitsteel said...

I missed it. I'm sorry. I ended up having a client coming at the same time. Then daughter got sick after all that, with a fever. So it was for the best really, rather than her getting all of the other kids sick.