Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Arts Potluck & Canyon Creek : A Travelin' Story, Part Two & Three

After the exceptionally long drive to Hollandale, I have to admit I was looking forward to checking out the cabin that Linda, Lynn, Knitsteel & I shared for the night. (I'm so glad that I followed Knitsteel out to the cabin- I would have never made it out there by myself at night! LOL).

It was *amazing*, (yes, even in the dark!). After debate about who got what rooms, (I was the furthest away from the party because I snore. =^.^;=), we all settled in outside, ate some fabulously delicious snacks (there was *cheese* involved!), and chatted the rest of the night away. I'm afraid that I kept Knitsteel up too late- I was dying to see her sketchbook, (she remembered to bring it, yay!), and it's *lovely*.

Getting up in the morning was *tough*- the room (and bed) I slept in were so comfortable! =*^.^*= I thought that managing to get up before 8am was pretty good- but Lynn, Linda AND Knitsteel all beat me! *falls over* (You three must be some awesome early birds! I'll take some more coffee that early!). *grins* I brought donuts for breakfast, but they quickly fell to the wayside compared to Linda's homemade muffins. YUM! (I'll take more of those anytime!). Knitsteel also brought along fresh fruit. I think that combination makes for one of the best breakfasts *ever*. (And of course they made coffee. I was one of the happiest WISTers ever that morning. LOL!). And Lynn played some fabulous wake-up music on her accordion! (That is also one of the coolest ways to wake up ever!).

Wednesday morning was filled with more wonders- the patio / outside dining area is stunning! I saw five or six different species of butterflies, and photographed three! (YAY!). There are areas for camping, areas for lounging, areas for hiking, (there are trails & a creek on the property + a waterfall!).

And all of this was made even more spectacular by the fabulous company. =*^.^*=

It was *tough* leaving. Needless to say, I'm seriously planning (in my head at this point) a wonderful crafting & artistic weekend there for WIST. I can't think of a better place to get our creative groove on. =^.^=

I followed Knitsteel out to a major road and took a different route back up to La Crosse. =~.^= One mystifying travel delay was enough for me!

It was, (*was*), smooth going until I got to Richland Center and stopped for gas. I left the gas station with a *screw* in one of my tires....

Flat tires, ahoy! I pulled over, sat for a second, and wondered what on Earth to do. (I had never changed a flat before. Amazing, ne?). I called my Grandparents and they sent my Uncle to rescue me. Yay! (I now know how to change a flat, too!). After getting my hands dirty, (I can't learn if I just *watch*), and sweating buckets, (it was a 99 degree type of day), I was finally back on my way home. On a donut (tire). When I got home, I also realized that I had gotten sunburnt- from driving with the window down. =^.^;=

In 25 hours, I had managed to spend about half of that on the road.

And all just to take a round trip from La Crosse to Hollandale!

I've had some strange trips in my life, but I think this one tops the list on bizarreness. *laughs*

Visit the Canyon Park Cabin website by clicking here, (run by Lynn!).
Visit Knitsteel's blog entry about our stay by clicking here.
And you can visit Linda's blog by clicking here. =*^.^*=

More pictures of this WIST adventure are viewable on my flickr. Woo!


MineFull said...

So you had an adventure on the way there, AND on the way home! WOW!

The cabin looks gorgeous, as well as the area around the cabin. It'd make a wonderful WIST retreat! I'm glad your time spent was a relaxing happy one, since you had the harrowing travels to and from!

Anonymous said...

Wow~what a trip! Beautiful cabin and great idea for a retreat!

Persimmons Gal said...

Looks like so much fun!

lk said...

Really happy to have met you...
and yeh, those muffins...
Tony's Muffins is what we call them....nice to wake up to...
and what a hoot to see a link to Artings!
Thanks so much...
I'm closing in on an Etsy account for me...
little by little..
just to see what happens...

knitsteel said...

I think Linda brought the fruit too.

You know, I ended up going the same way as you. I started to go the other way, decided the construction was too much, and turned around. I didn't see you with a flat tire. I hope I didn't pass you unknowingly!

I've never changed one either, so I understand your feelings completely.

Andrea said...

How about, "Breakfast of Tony's Muffins and fresh fruit is just the best in the world?" *huge grins*

If you saw a person standing by the side of the road in a brightly colored bandanna, that was me waiting for my Uncle. LOL. And it's all good- I had snacks & water while waiting and such, so I was all good.

I'll take not getting sunburnt though. Everything else I can handle, but sunburns, ouch!