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My Interview with keepitmagickal ! =*^.^*=

Hi everyone! You might remember seeing keepitmagickal and her husband, marinate, from this blog post about the Arts Potluck. *grins* Well, keepitmagickal kindly offered to be one of our interview guinea pigs! Woo! My curious questions and her thoughtful answers follow below.......

You make awesome handmade cards! Why did you start making them?
As for most artists I grew up creating. I loved to doodle (while I was supposed to be listening in class), and eventually began collecting stationery and stickers. At one point I had three sticker books full, and not a single duplicate in any of the books. At recess a group of us would huddle around and see each other's newest sticker finds, while trading a few in the process. In grade school I placed first in my class for a bookmark design contest and in middle school I won some awards for my art work. I couldn't draw too well (other then doodling), but give me some paper and scissors, and watch out!

I started seriously making cards about three years ago. I would make cards for family and friends, but I just had more cards made then people to give them to. Then I read about Etsy in a women's magazine (I think it was RedBook), and I loved what I saw. I realized I could easily put up my cards for sale, instead of stacking and filing them in my craft room!

How did you come up with your business name & what does it mean?
When I started up my Etsy store, I already had a name to use that I had been writing it on the back of my homemade cards for about two years prior. I came up with the name Keep It Magickal about seven years ago when I was thinking about starting a resale store. It was between Keep It Magickal (the first letters of each word spells my name, KIM) or the Elephant's Trunk (trunk being a play on words for a trunk that you would keep your clothes in). I never started the resale store, but I still liked both the names. I thought Keep It Magickal fit with making cards, and besides that fact that I'm interested in witchcraft and nature religions.

What inspires you? =^.^=
I don't have a single thing that inspires me, I have lots of things... color, shapes, nature... I've always enjoyed letting my mind wander. If I see a marble floor or counter top I'll stare at the lines until I form images from them, and I do the same with the clouds in the sky. That's the reason I love to read so much too. I enjoy making the scenes come alive in my mind from the words on the pages.

Tell me something that I don't know about you! =*^.^*=
If you were to take a look around the house, you would quickly see that I am not afraid of color, and it also shows in my cards. The porch (my favorite room of the house) has three walls painted light green and the fourth has vertical stripes of three different shades of green. The bedroom is painted a dusty rose, the bathroom is lavender, the kitchen cabinets are a robin egg blue, and there is an accent wall in the dining room that is dark green. There is also many of Spyros' (husband) photographs on the walls, along with some drawings by my step-bother, and other original art that we have purchased over the 9 years that we've been married.

What's the toughest part of running your own Etsy business? The best?
I recently started working full time at the library (love it), but I am finding it harder to make cards. When I do have a day off there are often projects I want to do around the house, but the nice thing with Etsy is you can do things at your own speed. If you don't put up anything new for a month, so be it. Besides doing projects around the house, there's the three cats (Oscar, Lulu and Roxy) that demand constant attention, along with a husband (fellow Etsy artist/photographer... who needs to be fed and entertained.

While the hard part for me with Etsy is finding the time to create (and isn't that the case for a lot of people), I have been lucky to have great support, including Spyros and the Wisconsin Etsy Street Team. Spyros made my website and is always there if I have any computer questions, or even if I want to know if the green and blue looks better or the green and purple. On my website you can find my card galleries where most of the cards are for sale, except the ones in the Etsy gallery (those are only for sale through Etsy.) I also feature an Etsy artist every Wednesday, and include other things that amuse me. In the Around the House gallery is pictures of my craft room and the cats.

I'd love to know where else you're at on the internet- do you have a blog? Are you involved in forums or other internet groups?
I have a blog that is craft and frugal/simple living related. The frugal/simple living lifestyle is something that is very near and dear to my heart. I would love to one day run workshops and other events to help people make better decisions about their time and money. This blog can be viewed at I don't update that blog much anymore, but hold onto it and use it when frugal inspiration strikes me.

Although I don't sell my cards at any store, but would not be opposed to it, I am active with Swap-Bot. I like to join the card making and chunky book swaps, so one never knows when they may get me as a partner and receive some of my cards.

I love quotes! Is there a quote or saying that *you* love? Does this reflect your life and/or business philosophy?
This quote goes back to my college days and my Women Studies Minor:
"Anonymous was a Woman." - Anonymous
I love this quote because it reminds me to make my mark on the world and to never feel as if I have to hide my name or myself.

Here's a small sampling of what's in keepitmagickal's Etsy shop!

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