Friday, August 17, 2007

Random Update #15

Birthday Shout Outs
August 7th - electrikolor
August 9th - MineFull
August 15th - TattooAnnie
August 21st - littletetra
August 30th - BeadedStarlit
August 30th - oddstuffbyXanthe
August 31st - keepitmagickal

Buy something from these lovely WISTers so they can get a super-large birthday margarita (or three)! =*^.^*= Happy Birthday conversations are also awesome!
Happy Birthday!

Older News
--> Don't forget to put "WIST" in your shop's tags! That's how we're promoting our wonderful Street Team on all promotional items!

--> The first round of Moo Books has officially been completed! Click here to see a swanky picture. *grins* They are CHOCK FULL of great deals & coupons. Thanks to everyone who participated! Round 2 of our Moo Book will be starting soon!

--> carisdesigns had a rockin' idea. Make a WIST promotional poster using the Etsy Poster creator, load it into flickr (with or without editing it into one sheet) or email the image(s) to me, and I'll put them on WIST promo items & flyers. =*^.^*= You can click here for more details!

--> ElementsbyDawn has volunteered to help with the gift basket giveaway. Would anyone like to work with her to make this a fabulous success (and take some of the work load off my shoulders? =~.^=).

New News
--> Our fabu swap handlers have come up with another great swap theme- this time it's a 4 for 4 ATC (artist trading card) Halloweeny Swap! YAY! Send oddstuffbyXanthe a convo to join in, and please click here for all the nitty gritty details. =^.^=

--> WIST is in need of some more $$$ donations. You can also support our group from buying from our CafePress store! To send a donation, please PayPal it to: zenithjade AT yahoo DOT com. To keep everything above board, a WIST fiscal update is at the bottom of every "Random Update."

--> You can read all about my (mis)adventures in traveling to a WIST event by clicking here and here. (It covers the Arts Potluck & the Cabin stay). =*^.^*= You can also click here or click here for details on how the Promo Bag stuffing went + pictures! Read chickadeebeads' yarn-filled warm fuzzy encounter with kittygrrlz here!

--> Oooo, yes- this bit is pretty important: I'm going *out of town*. I'll be leaving September 6th, and I won't be back for three weeks. (!!!) I will be keeping up with convos & emails this time around. If there's a delay, it should be less than 48 hours. =^.^= That also means we need to get a lot finished (or started up) before I go! =*^.^*=

--> I've sent several WIST promo packs out so far- one to a reporter & another to a high profile author. *grins* If you know of a "hometown" reporter in your area that might be interested in profiling WIST artists in your area, please send me a convo with the reporter's name, the name of the publication, the address, an email (if there is one), and a phone number. We'll take over Wisconsin! Tehehehehehe!

--> Speaking of awesome promotional opportunities for WIST... I contacted f*indy about sending in a WIST goodie bag / gift pack from WIST artists- and they said "Sure!" This is what we'll get out of this deal, quoted from f*indy, "Free publicity, a month's worth of advertising and you will be featured in the Findy's blog as well as on our links page." Talk about AWESOME! =*^.^*= (Have I mentioned that I've been really working hard at making WIST the best, EVAH?! *huge grins*). I'll be posting up another blog post right after this one with the details on what we need to do for that, along with other promo stuff.

--> If you've been featured on a blog or website, I want to hear about it! You can either write up your own blog post about it and post it here in the WIST blog (in addition to posting it on your own) or send me the links + some information & I'll post it for you! I think it's very inspiring to read about our fellow members' successes as independent artists. =^.^= I feel I'm not alone in saying that we'd like to celebrate *with* you!

--> Another awesome promotional opportunity: I would like us to put together a massive promo pack to send to She sells these packs on Etsy & gives them away at shows. She also includes the goodies we send in her orders. This is a wonderful way to spread some Wisconsin lurve! (She's located on the East coast). Again, watch for a promo-specific blog post about that!

--> I'm going to begin putting together a "WIST Loves Etsy" promo pack too.

--> A quick reminder: I want to see event reviews, stories & pics up in this blog! It's a great way for us to know which shows are HOT, and which are NOT + I'm nosy and love to read. =~.^= I will gladly give you blog posting access if you give me your email. *grins* (Blogspot/google will ask you to confirm that you'd like to post in this blog via email).

--> littletetra designed our very first WIST t-shirt for our CafePress store! YAY! The tees are about $25 a piece, with some offering a variety of colors. If you'd rather have a pocket design or a spaghetti strap top, let me know- I'll add those to the variety! If you'd like a tee with a different design &/or your shop name, I'll whip it up just for you! Thank you so much littletetra for taking the initiative and designing the t-shirt design!!!

--> Linda won the mini-story contest from this blog post event story! =*^.^*= Thank you so much for sharing it! It seriously rocks my funky socks! *grins* (She'll be getting a gift pack of items made by me. WOO!). (She also makes the COOLEST sardine tin art that I've ever seen. Soooooo nifty!).

--> After reading this insanely long update, I'm sure you've realized that I need more promotional items + gift basket items + lots of other really cool stuff! Because there is SO MUCH going on promotion-wise, I'm going to write a blog post dedicated to getting that stuff organized and really rolling. I will need your help!

--> I want to have an "open forum" type of discussion about a *variety* of subjects, ideas & topics. However, I would really like to have said forum *IN ONE PLACE* this time. I'm going to create an Etsy forum post specifically for this purpose. (Actually, I think I'm going to do it now). Here's the link. Please participate- decisions made in this forum will affect all WISTers! =*^.^*=

--> Many many WISTers have made their way to a really cool new site called "Indiepublic." Yes, it's so cool I have to include it in this update! *grins* Since there are quite a few of us over yonder, I've created yet another group for WIST talks, discussions & fun over there. If you've already created a page for yourself, and you'd like to friend yours truly, click here. Bonus: I'm now making my "To-Do Lists" public, (mostly), in my Indiepublic blog. You'll know where I am in getting things done (with WIST & in general), and what I've got to do each day. (For those who are as curious as I am. *winks*).

--> As of *right now* there are 865 items tagged with "WIST" on!!! GO WIST! WOOHOO!

--> Please send me an email or a convo if I've forgotten anything important! I'll post an announcement up in the blog. Thanks! =*^.^*=

WIST Budget as of 7/30/07
CafePress Sales : $3.01 (with a waiting period of >>>60 days until payout).
$ Donations : $70.15 (minus PayPal fees. Without fees: $74.70). (I'm also adding the PayPal cash rebate of $.40 to our totals which is from our VistaPrint order).

Incoming Total: $73.16

VistaPrint Order Total : $40.27
EZ Print & Copy (West Salem) : ~$5.65
Stickers from : $13.00 (includes shipping)

Outgoing Total: $58.92

Pending Outgoing!
I need to go through a small mountain of receipts from getting the Moo Book printed, plus postage for stuff, (plus anything I'm forgetting). *grins* Hang tight while I work on doing the math!

WIST Balance: >$14.24

--> All questions, ideas, grumblings, and musings can be emailed to me (Andrea) at zenithjade AT yahoo DOT com. Or you can just send me a convo on Etsy, (


Elements by Dawn said...

On F*Indy you can vote for your favorite buttons! KungFuCowgirl's buttons are featured...go VOTE!

Andrea said...

Oh yes! Here's the link to the entry on f*indy: !!!

Xanthe said...

Thanx for adding my bday!

Andrea said...

=^.^;= Yay for birthdays!!!