Sunday, August 19, 2007

WIST Goodie Basket Giveaway!

Huh? : WIST is making a gift basket or three (depending on member *item* donations). Shops that send an item(s) to ElementsbyDawn for the basket will put the following text in their shop announcement, (website/in person/etc!):

WIST Goodie Basket Giveaway! Buy from this participating WIST member & automagically get entered to win in the Goodie Basket Giveaway! The fine print: For more details, (including pictures of the Goodie Basket!), please copy & paste this link in your browser-

I will also include a list of participating members in our "Fine Print" blog post.

In addition, you can use this tag with your items: moogift !

Why? : I'm hoping a goodie basket (or three) will really push some serious pre-Christmas sales in our direction! This is an AMAZING promotional opportunity. =^.^=

How? : Please sign up to participate by sending ElementsbyDawn a convo. The deadline to sign up is Sunday, September 16th.

The deadline to get your item donations to ElementsbyDawn is Friday, September 28th. Please include a business card with each item you send.

Please let ElementsbyDawn know the approximate (or exact!) monetary value of the item(s) you're sending for the basket. We'll generate some extra buzz that way! =*^.^*=

Keep in mind that buyers are both male AND female! *winks* Don't hesitate to send unisex or male-oriented items along for the baskets. *grins*

What else? : When someone buys from you, from now until November 1st, you are responsible for getting the following information to ElementsbyDawn about the buyer by noon on November 2nd:
Etsy User Name
# of Items Purchased

Name(s) will be pulled randomly after 7pm Friday, November 2nd! Giveaway winners will be announced shortly thereafter. WIST members aren't eligible to enter, (sorry!). =*^.^*=


Andrea said...

I still need to type up the "Fine Print" blog post. When I do, I'll be able to fill in the (link) spot for your shop announcement! =*^.^*=

Xanthe said...

Great idea! I'm sending in something!

Andrea said...


MineFull said...

this is a great idea!

Elements by Dawn said...

Keep 'em coming, Team! The bigger the basket(s), the better!!

Anonymous said...

Great idea~I'll send a little something too!

Andrea said...

WOOHOO! =*^.^*= GO WIST!!!

Angie said...

Fun idea! I'm in! :)

reneedesigns said...

sounds like fun, I'm in

Eve of Eve's Originals said...

I sent ya a convo for info. I want to be a part of this please.