Sunday, August 19, 2007

"WIST loves ETSY" !

Edit 8/31/07
*** Important Change! ***
Everyone has at *least* two more weeks to mail me goodies for the WIST loves ETSY package. =*^.^*= (I'll be mailing it after I get back from my trip). *grins*

We have gotten some insanely awesome stuff so far! WOO!

I'll be sending in a really super-swanky gift package from us WISTers to Etsy Labs in Brooklyn, NY. (This will also include one of the bags we stuffed at the stuffin' party!).

If you'd like to contribute something, (a promo, a goodie, something else?!?), please convo me & I'll give you my address. (Unless you already have it. LOL). =*^.^*=

Deadline for me to RECEIVE items is Thursday, August 30th.
I will be mailing the package the *next day*.

This gives everyone almost two weeks to get something to me. *grins*


MineFull said...

awesome! Let's try to put together a super swanky box!

ZenithJade said...


Elements by Dawn said...

I'm in!

ZenithJade said...