Friday, August 17, 2007

WIST Promo Bag Stuffin' Fun ---> Follow Up!

Ok, I know this is a super late follow up, but things have been rather insane on my end, so I hope you'll forgive me. =^.^;=

oddstuffbyXanthe wrote up a wonderful blog post on our day spent stuffin' promo bags- you can read it by clicking here. *grins* This post is to compliment hers. =^.^=

After we all arrived, (myself, oddstuffbyXanthe + two beautiful children & glitterstar + two more beautiful children & mom!), we sat down for a wonderful lunch of Greek CousCous (Xanthe, I still want that recipe!), Italian bread, cheese, chocolate chip cookies (incidentally, my solution to unhappy kids is always, "I bet a chocolate chip cookie will make it all better!" You can tell I'm an *Aunt*! LOL!), soda, water, chips, and pita bread. (YUM!). It was wonderful to sit down and share a meal with everyone. =*^.^*=

After such fabulous food, it was tough getting down to work, but we did it! (The kids got to play in the play area of Vet's park!). We had a table chock full of promos, and we needed to get them all into bags! oddstuffbyXanthe & glitterstar put everything into bags, while I feverishly finished up my own promos, (I hadn't had time to finish them yet!), and finished up the Moo Coupon books. (I got roughly 30 printed up in black and white). They also helped finish up making our WIST postcards (the ones we all drew up!), and turning some of our cow tags into *magnets*! We were there until about 3 or 4 in the afternoon. *falls over* It was a wonderful, (and amazing), day!

We got a little over 20 WIST promo bags stuffed. (This also means we're already running out of your promos! LOL!). Talk about incredible!

I also got to read oddstuffbyXanthe's instructions in Somerset Magazine, (you can also read about it in her blog), and see her beautiful mixed media "Tree Mother" sculptural piece in person!

Knitsteel, keepitmagickal & marinate couldn't make it to our party this time around- I'm hoping that the combination of funky socks & chocolate chip cookies will tip the boat in my favor next time. (*winks* I know you guys were just busy! Gotta tease you a *little*! =~.^=).

And next time, we're bringing sunblock! =*^.^*=

It would rock my funky socks to have another shindig like this again soon! WOO!

Thanks for all your help, glitterstar & oddstuffbyXanthe! Double WOO! (And Xanthe, thank you for sending me home with some of that fabulous, drool-worthy CousCous!!!). =^.^;= Yes, the way to this WISTers heart is through my stomach. =~.^=

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Persimmons Gal said...

looks like lots and lots of fun.