Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Random Update #16

Birthday Shout Outs
September 8th - hojpoj
September 14th - LittleRuBaby
September 30th - azzutaluna

Buy something from these lovely WISTers so they can get a super-large birthday margarita (or three)! =*^.^*= Happy Birthday conversations are also awesome!
Happy Birthday!

Older News
--> Don't forget to put "WIST" in your shop's tags! That's how we're promoting our wonderful Street Team on all promotional items!

--> If you've been featured on a blog or website, I want to hear about it! You can either write up your own blog post about it and post it here in the WIST blog (in addition to posting it on your own) or send me the links + some information & I'll post it for you! I think it's very inspiring to read about our fellow members' successes as independent artists. =^.^= I feel I'm not alone in saying that we'd like to celebrate *with* you!

--> A quick reminder: I want to see event reviews, stories & pics up in this blog! It's a great way for us to know which shows are HOT, and which are NOT + I'm nosy and love to read. =~.^= I will gladly give you blog posting access if you give me your email. *grins* (Blogspot/google will ask you to confirm that you'd like to post in this blog via email). In addition, oddstuffbyXanthe will be compiling an "event list" with *our* feedback playing a vital role! Get posting!

--> The OPEN FORUM WIST thread is still running. I still want your feedback & ideas!

New News
--> Our fabu swap handlers have come up with another great swap theme- this time it's a 4 for 4 ATC (artist trading card) Halloweeny Swap! YAY! Send oddstuffbyXanthe a convo to join in, and please click here for all the nitty gritty details. =^.^=

PLEASE NOTE: the deadline has been extended so more of us WISTers can participate!!! Right now, there are only five of us participating- I just know we can do better than that! I still need to get the exact date from oddstuffbyXanthe- but I believe it's now going to be in October! (That's plenty of time! *grins*).

You can click here to read a note from Xanthe in the blog!

--> WIST is in need of some more $$$ donations. You can also support our group from buying from our CafePress store! To send a $$$ donation, please PayPal it to: zenithjade AT yahoo DOT com. To keep everything above board, a WIST fiscal update is at the bottom of every "Random Update." (I've also finally compiled all the receipts for totals. YAY!).

--> The promotional frenzy is JUST STARTING for WIST. I sent f*indy a promo pack last week, and they were *thrilled* by all the kickbutt stuff in our package! In fact, Vanessa & Rakel are so super-duper happy, that they're giving *us* something! =^.^;=

If you order from thepromoshop.etsy.com you can receive a 25% discount off your first order!!! Returning WIST customers still get an awesome deal at 15% off! ROCK ON!!! And to make it even better: no minimum & you can order whatever your heart desires! PLUS- if you continue to order from thepromoshop, you'll continue to get that 15% off. Really! =*^.^*= How cool is that?!?

Please use this code when checking out: wistpromo & let them send you an updated invoice before you pay!!!

Hopefully we'll see a contest up on f*indy soon- with our awesomeness as the prize! =~.^=

--> Next on the promotional front- MineFull kindly sent me publications from around the Milwaukee area. I'll be mailing them a cover letter + a promo pack filled with WIST goodness very soon. I hope it ends up with some of you getting interviewed! =^.^=

I'll gladly take suggestions on where to mail the promo packs from all WIST members. If you'd like to help run down the information, (or send me a copy of a publication), please send me a convo so we can get that rolling!

--> Here's a quick run-down on what's happening over the next few months events-wise that are WIST-specific:

September 30th - MeetUp in Madison - Hanging out, possibly champagne, and some serious discussion about our first WIST Trunk/Craft Show. Plus crafting goodness, a promo swap with those who show, etc etc etc! It should be FAB!

Early October - Details TBA - MeetUp in the Milwaukee area - Please send reneedesigns a convo if you would be interested in a WISTy gathering! She'll tailor the date & time to your needs!

Early November - Details TBA - FIRST WIST CRAFT/TRUNK SHOW - More details after the meeting on September 30th!

December 8th - PENDING - Art vs. Craft ZJC & WIST Table(s) - I'm not sure that I'll be accepted to the show- so we'll see! If I'm not, they might be willing to let us do a WIST table anyways. =~.^=

--> The deadline for the "WIST loves ETSY" package has been extended! I won't mail it until AFTER THE 30th of September! That will give us a chance to stick some MORE super-awesome stuff in the Etsy Labs box! YAY!

--> I've started a comprehensive current project & event list so we can keep everything straight. Please click here to view, and let me know if I've forgotten to add something! Thanks!

--> I also updated the "WIST HELP WANTED" Ads. =~.^= All spots listed have openings to be filled!

--> Like we aren't busy enough, we're also having a "WIST Goodie Basket Giveaway!!!" Seriously, it RULES. =*^.^*= You can read all the details for joining here, (and the fine print here, if you're so inclined).

--> Eegads, this update is long enough! *falls over* If you have any questions about *anything*, just toss them my way. (Convos are preferred. *winks*). If I've forgotten something important, again, let me know & I'll add it here ASAP.

WIST Budget as of 9/04/07
CafePress Sales : $5.03 ($25 minimum until payout OR can use to buy WIST promos on CafePress).
$ Donations : $75.68 (minus PayPal fees. Without fees: $80.70). (I'm also adding the PayPal cash rebate of $.40 to our totals which is from our VistaPrint order).

Incoming Total: $80.71

VistaPrint Order Total : $40.27
EZ Print & Copy (West Salem) : $8.47
Stickers from jelene.etsy.com : $13.00 (includes shipping)
Postage (USPS) : $33.25

Outgoing Total: $94.99

Pending Outgoing!

WIST Balance: $0.00

--> All questions, ideas, grumblings, and musings can be emailed to me (Andrea) at zenithjade AT yahoo DOT com. Or you can just send me a convo on Etsy, (ZenithJade.Etsy.com).


Xanthe said...

How about Oct 12th due date for ATCs???

Andrea said...

That sounds awesome, Xanthe!

And I swear I'm getting to your emails... just realllllly slug-slow-like. *sheepish grins*