Thursday, September 27, 2007


Hi all. I am involved in planning Sputnikfest right now for September 5&6 2008 and just got the blog up read it here interested in participating in this totally retro fun and funky event please contact me. The event will feature a juried indie craft and fine art fair. In your artist pack you will get you art war supplies and participate in fun contests between the fine artists and indie crafters. It is going to be a totally fun and unique art fair. Oh and it is calledArtta This World. Another cool thing we are doing is an art contest for the official Sputnikfest tshirts and posters for 2008. There is a link to the website on the blog that will have the information for that exciting opportunity very very soon. Basically you submit your art and if it is choosen you will receive a cash prize and big recognition for this spacy event


Xanthe said...

Great Idea Kim! I love the idea of a scifi themed festival!

Space Oddities said...

this sounds fantastic. I can't wait!