Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Few Reminders...

Hello WISTers! =*^.^*=

Don't forget to send any events that you're attending (vending or visiting) to either kittygrrlz or spaceoddities. They will place a blurb about it here (in our blog) and on our new public calendar.

We now have one central place on the internet to chat and share all sorts of nifty stuff- our new WIST Forum. With over 100 members, that's a very good thing! =^.^=

To all WISTers participating in the WIST Goodie Basket Giveaway, please don't forget to send buyer information to ElementsbyDawn. The winner(s) will be drawn in just a couple of weeks and I don't want to get into a bind because someone forget to send ElementsbyDawn the entrant's information!

This isn't a reminder, but it's incredibly important:
If you are in the Madison area, or attending our WIST Trunk Show, please start thinking about ways we can advertise this event! (We are doing our first show on an incredibly limited budget, so think creatively. *winks*).

For sure we'll need volunteers to cover Madison with flyers, (and the surrounding areas).

I also need addresses of newspapers, free zines, etc etc etc to send this event information to!!! (I'm sending a cover letter for certain, and perhaps a wonderful grab bag as well). I have contact information for several in Milwaukee and one for Madison- the Ithmus, (sp!?). We've got to grab PR by the horns and just blow Madison away with our fabulouslessness. =*^.^*=

With love from your Team Leader,

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