Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Geek-kon 2007!

I was a vendor at the very first GEEK-KON in Madison over the weekend. Geek-kon was a 2 day convention at the University featuring "all things geek." It was nothing like the typical craft fairs I'm used to and I really only decided to give it a try because my husband suggested it and convinced me that my work would do well in this sort of a venue. I was very surprised and excited to find that he was right!

I felt a little out of my element at first but by the end of the first day I was starting to think that doing more events like these might be right up my alley. The con-goers really seemed to dig my comic book pins and magnets and looooved my husband's designs...especially HELLAS KITTY, which you can kind of see in the center of my display picture below.

Thanks to everyone involved for making it a great event. Although the location was a little challenging (there were 8 vendors crammed in a small classroom and 2 other small classrooms crammed full of more artists) the fantastic staff and volunteers along with the super nice con attendees made the weekend most awesome. They did such a great job with everything, especially considering that this was a FREE event to the public and the participation was massive.

I was invited to do a couple of upcoming cons and I am definitely going to check them out. I think this would be a great venue for my husband and I to collaborate our work and I'm super excited about this.

One more exciting thing. Geek-kon made CNN on Sunday! This was all the buzz on most of Sunday at the con. SO exciting for all involved. Apparently the attendance was way more gigantic than was expected and everyone was impressed with this for a first year convention. I guess we can count on a 2nd year!

If anyone has experience with doing events similar to this I would love your feedback. Again, this is my very first crack at something like this and I'd love to get the low-down from anyone who is familiar with this scene!

Andrea (Space Oddities)


Xanthe said...

Sounds like a lot of fun for geeks! (yes I'm one)
I'd love to go next year.

glitterstar said...

I'd love to go next year as well. I married a geek and he's turned me into one too.

mud and mint said...

i'm a bit of a geek too... i'm glad to hear it went so well for you andrea; i'm not surprised.