Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Now is the time to start sending me some serious donations for WIST!

We are officially building a WEBSITE! WOO! =*^.^*=

The website will help me stay organized (so I can answer questions faster), will help you stay up-to-date (no more searching all over our blog), and will keep our lovely volunteers well informed as to what's what in all this WIST goodness!

As always, send donations to: zenithjade AT yahoo DOT com via PayPal. (I'll also take checks or money orders- convo me for my address). All donations are outlined in our WIST Random Updates under our BUDGET headline.

This website will also be our one-stop shop for newspapers, magazines, and other promo-happy folks that I just know what to interview us wonderful WISTers. That equals exposure, which can (potentially) lead to more sales. And who doesn't want more sales?!? =*^.^*=

WIST is supporting all us awesome Independent Artists to the MAX!

We are SO going to take over Wisconsin! *winks*

Lots of love from your Team Leader,

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