Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wickedly Chic - feature of Eve's Originals!

EvesOriginals sent this to me aaaaages ago, and I have to admit I totally spaced about posting it here for everyone to cheer about. (My bad!) Without further delay, let's give Eve a rousing round of applause for being featured on Wickedly Chic via their Daily Ditties! YAY! =*^.^*=

From Wickedly Chic, "I’m a bathing beauty (I love to bathe)....which is why I had to point out these wonderful cards from Enchanted Art by Eve. You’ll get a set of 6 with matching envelopes for just $8.50."

You can see the original write up by clicking here & scrolling down to the July 17th entry!

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MineFull said...

way cool Eve!!!