Monday, October 1, 2007

WIST Madison MeetUp Summary!

I couldn't help it- I dragged along an agenda to go over with everyone at the MeetUp. It's not horribly short, so I'll summarize & add the results. *winks*

Events Coordinators: spaceoddities & kittygrrlz
Send all event information to one of our coordinators to be posted in the blog. You can also send event reviews & pictures to be posted. (If you're already posting your own- awesome!)

Promotional Wow of WIST Members: mudandmint & spaceoddities
If you've been featured as a seller/creator on the 'net or in print, please send the information (and links) to one of our Promotional Wow coordinators. We love a reason to celebrate!

Swap & Contest Handler: MineFull
Send all ideas for contests & swaps to our handler. She'll figure out what to do with it next. The following WISTers are her accomplices: MindyKuen, oddstuffbyXanthe, ElementsbyDawn, northwoodsfelt & keepitmagickal.

Birthday Cheerleader: RoseLynn608
I'll be sending RoseLynn608 our birthday list so she can get the birthday cheer started. Woo! You can also send her your birthday, (day & month- year is totally optional. *winks*).

WIST Craftacular: MineFull & ZenithJade
Send all ideas to either of us crazy planners for the WIST Craftacular which is in the works!

WIST Event & Store (consignment/wholesale) Reviews: oddstuffbyXanthe
oddstuffbyXanthe is compiling a comprehensive list of the events & stores we like, (and the ones we don't!). Wisconsin Directories are woefully inadequate.

A few important reminders:
We have FAQ's!
Welcome to WIST FAQ (click).
General FAQ (click).

The blog is THE PLACE to find important news, updates and reminders. (At least for now- a website is in the works). All important information has the following tag: "random_updates".

All pictures courtesy of MineFull! WOO!
You can get the full treatment of the MeetUp pictures by clicking here. *winks*

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