Saturday, October 6, 2007

WIST Newsletter #17 (Random Update)

October Birthday Shout Outs

Buy something from these lovely WISTers so they can get a super-large birthday margarita (or three)! =*^.^*= Happy Birthday conversations are also awesome!

Happy Birthday!

Reminders (Older News)
--> I'm working like a fiend to get some kickbutt press for WIST Members, and you can help! Send me the publication name, a contact name (if there's one available), an address (physical or on the www), and I'll work on mailing a promotional pack to them. =^.^=

--> Don't forget that we have an awesome CafePress store- you can buy WIST buttons, t-shirts, stickers and much more! If you'd like to contribute designs or photography for our store, please convo or email me- I'll get you a link with the design specs. *grins*

New News
--> I'll be posting up updates about the WIST Goodie Basket Giveaway and our ATC swap soooooon!

--> Our very first WIST Trunk Show is going full steam ahead! =*^.^*= Please click here for details. In addition, when you send mudandmint a conversation to participate, please include your email adress. Thanks!

There's limited space, so sign up soon!

--> Our general FAQ has been updated to include an ATC vs. ACEO + trunk show explanations. *grins* Click here to view it! As always, if you have a question that should be included in our FAQ, please let me know!

--> I'll be getting our emailed WIST Newsletter back online here shortly. Woo! I will be signing up each member I have an email address for. BWAHAHAHA! =^.^;= I'll be giving everyone the choice to "opt out" of receiving the Newsletter, so you don't *have* to keep receiving it if you don't want to. On a similar note, if you would *like* to get the Newsletter delivered straight to your email inbox, please convo me your email address, (especially if you don't think I have your email!).

--> Do you have a great idea for a swap or a contest? You can now send all ideas to MineFull! *grins* She'll be working with our Swaps & Contest Team to get all sorts of fun stuff rolling.

--> Would anyone like to organize a "Trading List" for WIST members? Personally, I love to trade- and I would love to know who likes to do the same!

--> Please send me a convo if you're interested in selling wholesale and/or doing consignment. Another facet of my promotional run is to send shops around Wisconsin promotional materials from us WISTers- but I'm only going to include those WISTers who are interested in wholesale and consignment opportunities. =^.^=

--> The Madison MeetUp was *awesome*! It was such a pleasure to meet so many Wisconsinites. *huge grins* I dragged along an agenda and went over it with everyone there, (you can read the summary here), but that's not all we did during this MeetUp! We had a marvelous show & tell by members, (we make some super swanky stuff!!!), stories, a talk fest, snacks, coffee and champagne! In addition, we talked about setting up a WIST Craftacular, (a gigantic bi-annual show for WIST members!), and the first ever WIST Trunk show, (a craft show in minature with a meet and greet, food, drink, and fun!). We also nailed down some wants to help make WIST the best Street Team out there- and that includes a website! =^.^=

--> I finally managed to get our Street Team page on Etsy updated! Please click here to see it, and make sure that you're on the member list!!! I'll be sending the Teams crew over at the labs another update for it soon, (they forgot to remove our old event information. LOL).

--> WIST has officially purchased a website! I'm going to be busy condensing & organizing everything so it's much easier to communicate, hang out, find information and share news. =^.^=

One of the features of our website will be Homepage advertising from WIST members. An ad on our homepage will cost $10 per month. This fee will go straight into the WIST fund to buy awesome promotional materials and pay our hosting fees. I'll let everyone know when you can purchase an ad spot!

In the meantime, I'd love some more donations for our website. =^.^= You'll have my eternal gratitude for helping keep WIST financially afloat! PayPal all donations to: zenithjade AT yahoo DOT com. Woo!

--> I'm also working on making a member & shop list for our website. I need a shop description from each and every one of you! So my convo's aren't shut down, please email me a short paragraph describing your shop & what you make to: zenithjade AT yahoo DOT com. If you don't email me a description, you won't have one on the website! *falls over* And please include your shop name in your email to me! (I'm working on keeping everyone's names straight, but it's slow going).

--> Finally, I am working with an incredible code monkey to get our website up and running as soon as possible. *grins* He's an amazing coder, and I know you guys will appreciate everything that he's helping me make possible for our new website!

--> On a personal note, I have four absolutely lovely kittens for giveaway. Let's all go "Awwwww!" You can read all about them by clicking here. =*^.^*=

WIST Budget as of 10/7/07
--> Our last budget report was "zeroed out" meaning we didn't have any cash. *grins* I've paid the difference, so we're starting from scratch this time around. (To view our last budget report, please click here).

Website Specific Donations
PayPal : $37.94
Cash : ~$8.00
Other : n/a
Website Donations Total : $45.94

WIST General Budget
CafePress : $5.03
PayPal : n/a
Cash : n/a
Other : n/a
General Budget Total : $5.03

Contact Information
Team Leader & Author of all WIST Newsletters (Random Updates) : ZenithJade / Andrea ::: email : zenithjade AT yahoo DOT com

Birthday Cheer : RoseLynn608
Swaps & Contests Coordinator / Flickr Help : MineFull


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