Tuesday, October 2, 2007

wist trunk show in madison!

for everyone who was able to come to the meet-up here in madison i just want to say thank you (!) for coming. i had such a great time and it was so nice to finally meet some of you face to face and see your wonderful creations in person.

one thing we talked about is having a wist holiday trunk show here in madison at lazy jane's cafe on williamson street where the meet-up was held. it's a good location for a few reasons: it has a nice layout for shopping, it is available and basically free. the downside is we only have limited space so depending on how many would like to participate there may not be room for everyone... this makes me a sad panda.

so here is the deal: the event will be held on saturday, november 17th from 5pm to 9pm and the cost will be $25.00. the fee will cover the costs of printing flyers and providing refreshments (champagne, coffee and cookies); any left over $$ will go into the wist treasury. if you would like to participate please send me an etsy convo by october 16th with your email address; i'll send out notices by email of participation by october 20th with further instructions.

again, i would love it if everyone could participate (because we are all fabulous!) but we are limited to 16 sellers so some may not be able to this round; i was just turned down for two shows myself so it will pain me to do so. however, plans are being discussed for two trunk shows next year (one in madison and one in milwaukee, spring and fall) with hopefully larger venues to accomodate us all... if you know of a spot for future consideration let me know in your convo will ya?

one last thing, i am personally and professionally SWAMPED this week so if you have questions with your convo i'm happy to answer them but it may take me a little time. if you need a quick answer mention that in your convo and i'll get back to you ASAP. otherwise, you may not hear from me until the end of the week but i promise i will get back to you. ironically, i'm leaving on vacation next week so while i'm gone i'll have more time to catch up with mail and do all the fun stuff like list new things and post pictures..yahoo!

cheers everyone!

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