Wednesday, November 28, 2007

monthly wist trunk show?

hi everyone.

first, let me just start by saying thank you to everyone who participated in our first holiday trunk show in madison earlier this month... i thought the show went really well and i had a great time; i hope everyone one else did too.

a few participants have raised the idea of having a show regularly... i like the idea of doing it and it wouldn't be a problem to do it every month as far as venue is concerned. i was thinking every other month might be easier (on me!) but i also recognize doing it monthly (i.e. every first saturday of the month or something) would be more recognizable over time and would take less promoting to get the word out. so, i'm hoping to get some input from my fellow wisters. some thoughts...

while i thought the show was awesome, from a buyers perspective i thought we could have had more variety in the items we offered. it would be great if we had some knits *winks at kittygrrlzzz and whimzy*, bath and beauty items, art prints... even vintage items would be cool. we wisconsinites make/sell a wide range of items and our show(s) should reflect that. so one issue is that i would like to rotate sellers in and out so we have different things every month; staying fresh and giving many wisters the opportunity to take part.

during the trunk show we had a volunteer that helped with set up, greeting customers, pouring champagne, washing dishes and did alot of the clean up at the end of the night. the volunteer was unpaid but received a swag item from everyone at a retail value of $20. or under (she was incredibly grateful by the way). i could see volunteering to work some of the months i'm not participating but what about the months i can't? i'm not sure it would be possible to run the event without a volunteer from the cafe if i'm unavailable. the cafe has to be put back in place for service the next morning, the building has to be locked... basically, as a business lazy jane's will require someone to be around who can take care of things if i can't.

also, there is the possibility of holding the event down the street at mickey's tavern during the day on saturdays instead. i understand days may be easier for people who have to travel and while the venue feels a little smaller inside it is nice and there is a huge patio out back so in the summer we could possibly have even more participants.

so, to summarize the questions to think about...

is a wist monthly trunk show something you would be interested in participating in?
how often? every other month? twice a year?

how much would you pay would you pay for a spot? we charged a $25. per seller fee for the last show... what if the $25 included us being able to pay someone to work our event?

would you be willing to donate a swag item to an unpaid volunteer who would help with set up, clean up and facilitating the show? would you be willing to do this if it meant the booth fee would be lower?

would evenings or days work better for you? is there one or the other you absolutely wouldn't participate in?

please send me an etsy convo with your thoughts and suggestions... i would love to hear what you think!

take care everyone,


Xanthe said...

Hi Cari! I had fun and I like the idea of doing it on a regular basis, but I know I couldn't do it every month. I agree we need to add more variety in the vendors, besides the more the merrier.
I wouldn't be able to pay 25$ and donate swag every time unless traffic/sales increase. Which I think it would with a regular show. Also I'm planning on adding prints and cards to my shop.

Definitely worth looking into...
especially if we could include artist/crafter demos. I could see us getting regular shoppers looking for gifts all year round. :-)

MineFull said...

Xanthe...great idea about incuding demos or workshops.
I think it's a fine idea, I'll convo you Cari


mud and mint said...

thanks guys,

xanthe, i'm thinking the booth fee would stay the same or we would lower it and include a swag item... depending on what we want to do and the availability of volunteers.

i love, love the idea of including demos and workshops! i say yes, yes and more yes!

Andrea said...

This needs to be posted in the forums! :P~

Kitty Grrlz Knits & Spins! said...

just wanted to add that i would always be willing to bring my spinning wheel and spin! ;)

as for the rest, i convo'd you cari!