Tuesday, November 6, 2007

WIST Newsletter #18

Birthday Shout Outs
--> RoseLynn608 has kindly volunteered to spread the birthday cheer. =*^.^*= From here on out, she'll be sending the warm fuzzy birthday wishes. Woo!

Reminders (Older News)
--> Don't forget that we have an awesome CafePress store- you can buy WIST tee's, cool WIST promotional items, and much more. Yay!

--> We have a one-stop shop for everything WIST related- it's our FORUM. *huge grins* Sign up, participate and have a blast! *winks*

--> If you've got a great contest or swap idea, you can post it here! MineFull will be working with other members of that team to get all sorts of fun stuff rolling.

New News
--> Guess what? I've finally gotten our emailed newsletter back online! (I'm sure that some of you are reading this from your inbox right now!). If you didn't get this newsletter in your inbox and you'd like to, please click here to subscribe. =~.^=

--> I'd love to see a whole bunch of WISTers descend on our very first WIST Holiday Trunk Show. (If nothing else, come for the cookies... mmmm, cookies!). Click here for more details!

--> I still need shop descriptions from most of our members. The description is going up in a list on our new website. If you don't send me one, you won't have one there!

--> mudandmint has officially taken over my welcoming duties for new members, (thanks a ton, Cari!). Hopefully, this will leave me some more time to work on other exciting possibilities for WIST, among several current WISTy projects. =^.^=

--> The WIST Goodie Basket Giveaway has reached its conclusion, and we have a winner! lu4yu62 is our lucky Goodie Basket recipient! You can see pictures of the basket in our flickr stream, and read about it here. Many thanks to ElementsbyDawn for putting this together and sending out the gigantic goodie basket box!!!

WIST Budget
--> Please click here for the last comprehensive budget report. I'll be posting an updated report with the next newsletter. =~.^=

Contact Information
Send all requested information from this newsletter via convo to Andrea, ZenithJade.etsy.com.

Any Personal Promotion (net or print) : mudandmint or spaceoddities
Birthday Cheer : RoseLynn608
Event Posting : kittygrrlz or mudandmint or spaceoddities
Swaps & Contests Coordinator : MineFull
Team Leader : ZenithJade
Thursday Promo Thread : knitsteel
WI Event & Store Reviews : oddstuffbyXanthe

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