Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mini Zine Swap

OK I finally got my life organized enough to post about our new SWAP!!!
WIST Mini Zines!!!

Here are some photos of mine. I sketched it out on a legal pad while sitting,
bored to death, at the Flake Out Festival. side note*I need to still review that one oops!*

At home, I retraced my marks in pen, scanned it in, and added text in Photoshop Elements. I colored it in afterwards with color pencils. I may add more...not sure???
I'm definitely not a poet *grins* the text just popped into my head and I know it is not very good, but oh well!

Partially folded
Front and back covers

Pages 1&2

Pages 3&4

Pages 5&6

###Details: 1 sheet mini zine (mine folded is about 2 3/4 inch by approx 4) But anything close is fine.
###Theme: growth
This can be interpreted so many ways.

For example:
*Growth as a person or as an artist (how have you changed)
*literal growth (child to adult)
*your own kids
*pet (ie puppy to dog)
*plants and flowers
*the expanding universe *grins*
*a project from idea to finished product
*tiny to large

What can you come up with?

###My goal is at least 10 swappers (max 15).
Each would make a zine that can be printed out or copied 10 times (up to 15).
Each person will get one of everyone elses. A mini WIST zine library. Cool huh!

Maybe embellish each after??? Ideas can include pockets or tags, hand coloring, stickers, Moo card, whatever.

Search zines on Etsy, or Google to see what's out there.
Here are a few links I put in our forum before:
More photos
Video tutorial
Zines in general
And the book: "How to Make Books: Fold, Cut & Stitch Your Way to a One-of-a-Kind Book"

Ya know.... We could promote within Etsy by sending them a set. Show what the Wisconsin Street Team is up to.
Maybe get a Storque article about it?
Let me know if your interested in making one extra for Etsy.

###Sign up ends 2/15 just email, convo, or comment to me that you're in.
###Zines are due to me by 3/15. Then I can get them out by the first day of spring *grins*

I'm not sure yet how much postage you should include???? I'll post an update once I figure it out.


MineFull said...

I'm in....... is text the norm? I suppose it is a magazine-right, as opposed to only images??

MineFull said...

p.s. your's is very cute! I love the drawings

Xanthe said...

Image only would be great!

Space Oddities said...

I love this idea. Thanks for organizing! I'm in!

Omar Cruz said...
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Anonymous said...

This will be a first for me~but I'll try! Yours is so cute xanthe! Thanks for organizing! Does a WIST retreat to Costa Rica go along with it? lol!

glitterstar said...

I'll give it a try.. I'm in.. :)