Monday, February 18, 2008

upcoming madison meet up!

hi everyone!

some newer members in the madison area have expressed and interest in having get together... and chance to meet one another, get some advice, share ideas and general camaraderie.

the details:
sunday, march 9th
lazy jane's cafe
1358 williamson st.

feel free to bring your promos to pass out to other members as well as projects you have in the works and a snack to share; i'll provide refreshments. as well as getting to know each other we can brainstorm plans for a regularly held trunk show (yes, it is still in the works!) and possibly set up a regular craft night where we could all learn some new tricks. i for one still want to learn how to knit!

if you have any questions or just want to let me know you're coming send me a convo. i hope to see many of you there... and let's hope it doesn't snow that day!



i just got back from vacation and found out that madison gas and electric needs to shut off power on sunday afternoon at the cafe (the whole block actually) for about 4 hours to upgrade services so we won't be able to meet. i will be listing a new date within the next few days.

sorry for the late notice.



Space Oddities said...

shoot! i think i'll be in san antonio that day.

Xanthe said...

Sounds like fun! Is it newbies only???????

Daniella Maria said...

i'd love to come. is lazy janes open that late? i didnt realize. also, how will i know who i'm looking for? i dont know anyone in this group but thought it would be fun to go. well. if you see a girl in a big pink coat with a cup of coffee aimlessly wondering around and responds to the name daniella, you'll know its me.

Space Oddities said...

daniella - lazy jane's closes early but will open up late just for our group thanks to Cari's awesomeness. so don't worry - you can come right in and go upstairs. you won't miss the group!

ThePeachTree said...

I miss Wisconsin!!

mud and mint said...

wisconsin misses you too peachtree!

xanthe, it is for everybody! i've just had some new wisters in the madison area wanting to do this.

daniella maria, i help manage the cafe so we get to use it after close... for best results use the side door.