Thursday, March 6, 2008

madison meet up for 3.9.08 is cancelled!

hey everyone,

for those of you who are planning to come to the meet up in madison on sunday i have some bad news.

i just found out today that madison gas and electric is shutting off power for the whole block including the cafe for about 4 hours sunday afternoon. the restaurant will have to close early and staff has to come back and finish cleaning after the power comes back on. under the circumstances, i think we should reschedule the event.

i'm going to contact the few people i've heard from that i know are coming. if you read this and know of someone who planned on coming please let them know or tell me so i can let them know.

i'll post a new date soon... so sorry!

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RanaMuck said...

Is this going to be held a different date? I so want to get involved in the WI Etsy Street Team! Let me know how I can help!