Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Studio Space for Stoughton Area WISTers!

I am currently hoping to open up a Co-Op Studio/Gallery in Stoughton. Currently Stoughton is actively pursuing a title of an artist friendly community with a large amount of artists and galleries coming to this area. I am working on creating a funky, indie-artist friendly studio space with a co-op gallery.

Here is the ultimate dream:
-Have a studio that is available at any time for the artists involved. (We would have our own keys to come in and work as we please)
-Have a "set" open studio time for people to come in and visit and buy our wares. For this to happen we will need to be flexible and work around everyone's available schedule.
-Split cost (rent & utilities) equally among all of the artists. (all artists would be responsible for their own taxes)
-Have workshops and craft shows as we see fit and as there is a demand for.
-Someday to possibly take in commission work.

**I should note, I am personally not doing this Co-Op for the monetary benefit I am just hoping to create an affordable art studio for other "struggling" artists. Any profit made in my mind is just a bonus and I can use it towards rent. So those that are looking for this to be a full time open boutique this is not the direction that I want for the Co-Op.**

I am currently in infancy of getting this off the ground. I have found what I would think would be the perfect spot and to keep rent low I would need about 5-6 other artists to join me. I am open to all types of artists the only mediums that may have issues are woodworkers and pottery artists due to the space and ventilation. Though we may be able to work something out if need be. Indie/crafters/fine artists all are welcome. I am looking to create a friendly all welcoming atmosphere.

Right now the biggest road block I am having is finding artists (go figure). Please pass this opportunity out to any artists you think would be interested in this venture. With your help I may have an easier time getting this dream off the ground and finding some great like minded artists to join me.

Please feel free to email me at artsymomma@gmail.com with any questions or ideas you may have.


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