Monday, June 2, 2008

A Bit of News

Before the Iowa Presidential Primary, I was commissioned to make a scrabble and bead necklace that said "OBAMA" for a campaign worker in Iowa. Initially she asked for one, but she ended up wanting 10! Well I guess they were a hit.....I found out there is a close-up photo of her wearing one in the June 2008 Esquire magazine. Look on page 114! Unfortunately I wasn't named, in fact the caption makes it sound as if she made the necklace. Oh well.

Xanthe :-)

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Cute & Sweet said...

Bummer on not being mentioned...but it still is pretty awesome Xanthe! :)

Space Oddities said...

oh that is so awesome! but totally lame that you didn't get credit, so sorry about that! but how AMAZING that your necklace was in such a big deal magazine!!! congrats!