Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Art/Craft Tutorial #1

Looking for something fun to do with that plastic bottle you're about to throw in the recycling bin? Why not make it into a useful carry-all or snazzy storage container by doing a bit of simple crochet? (It's easy, really it is)

This basic pattern can be altered in so many ways such as different color applications and combinations of different crochet stitches to give you a different look or design. In my tutorial I've posted a basic pattern using single crochet, double crochet and triple crochet. There are many great websites that teach how to do these simple stitches (Crochet Pattern Central is a handy resource). For more ideas visit this blog; The Purse Project. There are several other similar tutorial links there.

All you need is:
-One empty and clean plastic bottle, such as vinegar, bleach, detergent, etc. (I used a 2 QT vinegar bottle.)
-Approximately 2-3 oz. yarn (I used worsted weight cotton yarn)
-crochet hook (I used H/5mm) Make sure your hook is small enough to fit through your holes punched in the bottle.
-Hole punch and scissors

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