Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm Published Again! yeah!

Hello all! Tomorrow (September 1st) Somerset Holidays and Celebrations hits stands. Check out my article on pages 82 through 84. I'm so excited! I love vintage halloween style crafts. If the ATCs on the last page look familar, they were from our swap last fall. I misplaced a couple at the time. Luckily I found them later and included them with my submissions. YEAH!

I'm not the only WIST member in here. On page 31 are two beautiful ornaments made by Kim Geiser (aka Persimmonsgal) and she blogged about it here. And she has one more similar style ornament available for sale here. Double YEAH!

I'm working on getting Halloween items in my Etsy shop soon I promise :-)

PS WIST is mentioned at the end of my article   *grins*


glitterstar said...

That's awesome.
Congratulations! :)

MineFull said...

How sweet! Congratulations to both of you!!


Snitterdog said...

Congrats on the publication-- very cool! :)

Xanthe said...

thanx guys

Persimmons Gal said...

Congrats Xanthe your article was great!
Thanks too for mentioning me in this little blog post too!

Space Oddities said...

yaaay! congrats xanthe and kim!