Friday, September 5, 2008

The Wist Holiday Trunk Show is Coming!!

that's right... mudandmint and spaceoddities are organizing another trunk show for the wisconsin etsy street team! what is a trunk show? it is an wonderful opportunity to show off and sell your creations in an intimate, social environment; meet other wisters, trade with fellow sellers, show off your creations and garner some new customers.

when: saturday, december 13, 2008
time: 5pm to 9pm
where: 1358 williamson st. in madison, wisconsin (home of lazy jane's cafe)
booth fee: $20. plus a swag item valued at $25. or less for our on site volunteer who greets customers, pours champagne, does dishes and helps with clean up and getting the cafe ready for service the next day after the event.

our space is a large, two story house that has been converted into a funky cafe. it's a good location for a few reasons: it has a nice layout for shopping, off street parking, a popular street location and it is free to use. the only drawback is our space is limited to 16 participants.

the $20. booth fee covers the cost of complimentary champagne and coffee for our guests as well as the printing of flyers. we do need three, local volunteers to post flyers around the city and neighboring communities the week before the event in exchange for their booth fee being reduced by half. in addition, we are looking for an amazing and energetic volunteer who would be willing to handle promotion via blogs and online postings as well as putting together and sending out press packets to publications such as isthmus (madison's free weekly), the wisconsin state journal, madison magazine and others. this volunteer will ideally have a passion for this sort of thing and because it is the "put yourself out there" job, whoever volunteers and is chosen for this job is going to have their booth fee waived completely (!).

after last years event, the only thing we felt was missing was more variety in the items offered for shoppers. we didn't have any felters, knitters or bath & beauty products (among others) so we highly encourage sellers of those items to apply. because we feel variety is so important (especially for the holidays) we are going to jury applicants to some degree. we would really love everyone to be able to participate this time around but depending on how many applicants we have it may not be possible. however, we are planning on holding this event in the coming year seasonally (every 3 months) so if you don't participate in the holiday show you will be able to do one of the next shows for sure... our goal is to include everyone!

for those of you from out of town, i will be able to make some accommodations available to spend the night if you don't want to drive back after the show so don't let that hold you back from applying. we can go out for a late bite to eat and drinks afterward!

lastly, whether you are available to participate in person or not, we are organizing a swag bag giveaway for the first 30 customers and would really appreciate donations; this is a great opprotunity to get your name out there and find some new buyers. items could include business cards, coupons or special offers (either for during the show or in your etsy shop), postcards, pins, small samples... anything promotional you can think of! also, don't worry if 30 promotional items seems like too much... just as many as you want or are able to do is fine. we will spread out the goodies among the swag bags equally.

so, would you like to participate? if you want to sell at the show please send an etsy convo to mudandmint by october 20th. also, let me know if you are available for either of the volunteer jobs and PLEASE include your EMAIL ADDRESS... the thought of being muted by the etsy spambot is very bad. :) replies of participation will be sent out to everyone on october 25th via email along with additonal information. booth fees will be due via snail mail or paypal on november 10th and are non-refundable if you cancel unless we find someone to take your place.

if you would like to participate in the swag bag giveaway, please send an etsy convo to spaceoddites and let her know by november 25th. items will need to be sent in time to arrive by december 10th.

if you have any ideas you would like to share to help make the show great please contact either of us... we would love to hear your suggestions and want this show to be great!

cheers and many sales to all!
mudandmint (aka cari)
spaceoddities (aka andrea)

one final note. because our space is funky and unusual, booth sizes cannot be one specific size and will vary a little bit. everyone can depend on minimum table space of about 5'x3' (or an equivalent); additionally, there are shelves, banisters and other spaces to utilize to round out spaces. we are going to address sellers individual needs after october 25th to come up with plan that can work for all within the space.


knitsteel said...

I would love to participate this time.
I will go convo now...

paula said...

What a wonderful event and great location for this!!

I would love to participate. Although I would probably not be able to take on the promotional volunteer position, I would be happy to help with this.