Monday, April 20, 2009

Warrens Cranberry Festival in Warrens Wisconsin

Hello fellow ETSY WISTers
Last year I found that the Warrens Cranberry Festival did live up to the hype. Although it does cost more than an average craft show, this is a bazillion times bigger than the "average" craft show and the shoppers are shopping! And it's right in our own back yard, or at least, in the same state that we live in :)
Personally, I'm not doing craft shows any longer as I now participate in the Wholesale Trade Shows and Markets (June in PA again, where I will be selling my framed prints and doing demonstrations of my take on American Folk Art. Then at the end of June, I'll be at Madison's Heritage Market for my second show there. We are getting our paperwork together now for that show.).

Anywho...although I'm not really doing craft shows any more, I'm definitely setting up shop at Warrens again. And since some crafters and artists are concerned about the price of a booth space I thought I'd give you a little more info, including photos, so you can see for yourself if it the right thing for YOU :)

Warrens is a little town in Southern WI with a population of app 300... but overnight jumps to over 100,000!!! There are app. 1500 vendors, which includes vintage and antique dealers, so the rest are shoppers, coming to see YOU! We set up our tent in 2008 and it was an awesome experience. If the booth price is a concern, possibly you could share a tent with another WIST member and split the cost.
Here are some photos I took so you can get the inside peek that I wish I would of had before hand (because I'd have started doing this show years ago!!!). The Cranfest site does not have a lot of photos on their website, but you can get all your info there. Here's the link: Cranfest

Arrive well before the break of dawn each day. This is my aisle, my tent's down on the right. Be prepared to work hard with little sleep, non-stop for 3 days (4 including set up and take down).

Same aisle a few short hours later. SEE :) Dedicated Shoppers!
Out on one of the streets...
This darling little village has a normal pop. of 300, remember... this photo shows only one of the streets at the festival.
Last day! People are starting to pick out spots on grass for the awesome parade. Others don't stop shopping...for anything! All the top competing marching bands from around the entire Midwest are in the parade. It lasts for hours and is non stop WONDERFUL! I kept sneaking out whenever I could to watch :)
I design humorous watercolors! Customers picking out their purchases in my tent...I wish I could bottle the laughter at my booth.

Mrs. Wisconsin was a wonderful woman to chat with and a great customer. I sign and personalize my prints. (She returned for more the next day :) Multitasking was just a normal part of each day, as I help another customer while signing her purchases.

Hope you enjoyed an inside peak into Warrens Cranberry Festival, we're going back...maybe we'll see you there. If you are still not sure if you want to make the leap into booth rental, take a day trip and enjoy one of Wisconsin's largest craft shows.
Blessings and Peace from the Northwoods,

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