Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Moo Crew Feature!

This week's featured member is Zenith Jade Creations! As always, click the image above to take a peek in this wonderful shop!

1) Tell us about your work & what drew you to it!

I’ve always been drawn to making jewelry, but it really hit like a trunk when I was an exchange student in Brazil … I just couldn’t stop admiring the intricate wirework! That’s what really got me hooked. After I got back, I searched through ebay for the best bead deals I could find, and started stringing. A couple of years later, I apprenticed to a wireworker and started wrapping. Later, I learned loom work & the peyote stitch. So I’m becoming well-versed in most aspects of jewelry design, slowly but surely! Lately, I’ve been obsessed with rings, and making my own beads using polymer clay. It’s practice, *winks*, for when I break out my precious metal clay, (sterling silver).

2) What is most enjoyable about your work?

I LOVE working and playing with beads. All those colors, shapes and textures is just the best thing in the world for me. Stringing is also very therapeutic.

3) What is your biggest challenge?

I don’t have enough time to make everything I’d like to!

4) How are you inspired?

By other artists, colors, textures… Nature is a huge inspiration for me. I take a lot of flower photography, (look for some prints soon!), so flowers are also a very big part of what inspires my color palettes.

5) Apart from creating, what do you enjoy?

I scrapbook, read voraciously, play with my cats, tend to my indoor plants and also do a little gardening. I also LOVE to cook. *grins* To me, cooking is like creating- it’s an art form! (That’s also very tasty!). I also take time to spend with family and friends. Going out for coffee is a favorite.

6) What is your most cherished handmade item?

I’ve made myself some lovely and intricate necklaces that I just adore. Can’t wear them enough!

7) Is there a rule you can't help but break?

Patterns- especially when I’m crocheting!

8) Name one thing you could never live without!

Just one? *winks* My bead stash, of course! Other things I couldn’t live without are coffee, my cats, chocolate…

9) Tell us your top five books, movies, songs/bands, &/or websites!

I really love the “Kushiel’s Dart” and “Cat Who” book series. Quilleran is a hoot! (He’s one of the main characters in the “Cat Who” books). Movies are more general- I en

joy comedy… anything that can make me laugh! I have a love affair with techno and dance musics. DJ Irene is one of my favs., and are currently my three favorite websites.

*** Feature Special ***

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