Monday, May 25, 2009

Show and Tell Monday

I will be out of town when this article is published so I wrote it prior to today. I hope you enjoy my little show and tell!

This quilt is called 'Spring Flowers - Pastels'. I (KimsCraftyApple) made this quilt for the team etsyBABY Spring Fling Challenge. Out of 39 entries and over 500 votes I am proud to say that Spring Flowers Quilt - Pastels WON the EtsyBABY Spring Fling Challenge! The Story of 'Spring Flowers'
There are seven flowers appliqued on gorgeous peace of hand-dyed fabric: a spiral, a ribbon loop flower, a thicker spiral, circles, and two circles within circles, and a poppy. I layered different green fabrics to create dimension on the stems. I also cut out some of those adorable bugs from the border and appliqued them into the quilt…bringing the border into the main picture.

Now that my design was complete, it was time to quilt. Since getting my new sewing machine, I have much more confidence in my ability to quilt. I decided that I would do this one myself instead of sending it to my aunt-in-law. I chose an adorable hand and foot printed cozy white flannel fabric as the backing. I typically like to use flannel to add an extra level of coziness to the quilt. I sewed all of my flowers and bugs on. Then I quilted the ‘sky’ in with a loopy star pattern and lowest green in a ‘grass’ pattern.

Approximate Size: 30.53" x 35.5"

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The next quilt I'm featuring today is called Patchwork Corduroy. This was my entry for the team etsyBABY's Storybook Challenge. It also took FIRST place!
Patchwork Corduroy's Story:
This quilt was inspired by the book 'Corduroy' by Don Freeman.

A patchwork blue, green and brown base make up the main part of the quilt. Light blue faux bois fabric borders this patchwork. 'Corduroy' is made from brown suede and some upcycled cordoroy's. Black buttons make up his eyes and two green buttons are for his overalls (one is 'lost' in the quilt).

This quilt is perfect for a little boy or girl...they will love the different textures! The buttons are securely sewn on using extra strong thread (quilting thread).

I quilted a random pattern throughout the quilt and appliqued the bear on. My signature fancy stitch border is also quilted on.

The quilt measures approximately 31" x 31".

I'm excited to continue to share special 'show and tell' items with you from other Team Wist Members! Tune in next Monday to see who and what I feature next week!


jess said...

Congratulations! Your work is great! I love the Corduroy quilt - it's so cute!

noodleroll said...

When I saw the first quilt, I thought "What a great painting." Great job on the quilts, love 'em.