Monday, June 15, 2009

Show and Tell - Dragon Art Fair

On Saturday morning, June 6th, 2009, I packed up my van with my oldest daughter Cedi and our umbrella's and headed to DeForest to the Dragon Art Fair. I enjoyed looking around at all the different booths and artists. I happily ran into a fellow wister - OddStuffbyXanthe!

Xanthe had a fabulous set up. Everything was clearly and nicely displayed for people to browse and it definitely caught your eye from the aisle.
Look at the fabulous sign she made for her booth!

Xanthe kindly posed for me in front of her wonderful collages and as seen below, she was lucky enough to meet my oldest daughter Cedi. Cedi was being a bit shy and then got a bit antsy to leave. Overall she did pretty well...and I thought we had left the house with a 'travel diaper' on...turns out we didn't. BUT she didn't have an accident while we were at the fair! I was very proud of her. Cedi got many compliments on her umbrella...I think she was getting tired of saying 'thank you!'

I purchased some really fun doodle charms like the one found HERE - one for each of my girls. Cedi loves a little too small but will lover hers one day :)
It was great to see Xanthe again (we met for the first time at the Christmas Time Sale) and from the looks of her shop, she must have done well!


Mimi said...

Nice entry and photos, Kim. So much fun to 'meet' some of the Moo Crew like this.

Xanthe said...

Thanx for the post... Your daughter is a cutie!