Monday, June 8, 2009

SHOW and Tell MONDAY -

Julie from bohtieque contacted me recently about some new products she's started to work on. Here's what she wanted to 'Show and Tell':

I've [Julie] started working on bookmark designs, two of which I've listed today, and luggage tags, again two of which I've listed today. I've been planning this for quite some time, but getting the new designs together and getting the equipment and materials ordered have taken a little longer than expected :)

I love the bookmarks--they both have quotes about the importance of books, and are personalized. They'd be a great present for a reader.

Mid-Century Modern Bookmark

The luggage tags are bright and will definitely keep people from taking your bags...unless they're completely not paying attention ;)

Distressed Pink Argyle Luggage Tag, Bag Tag

Keen in Green Luggage Tag, ID Tag, Bag Tag

What great new items in Bohtieque! I hope you check out the rest of her fabulous shop!

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Julie said...

Thanks for posting this, Kim--now that I'm almost finished with school, I've got a ton of ideas that I'll be able to play with. There's the lamination...and then there are the labels I'll be making in custom sizes and cool, new shapes. Plus, I'm thinking about offering more envelopes. It should be an exciting summer!